The Best Books about Prematurity

The Top 10 Must-Read Books for Preemie Families

The journey through prematurity is a uniquely difficult parenting journey.  When you find yourself or a loved one on that same path, it helps tremendously to have help & support along the way.

Some wonderful books offer that information and inspiration you need. Many books are educational, offering clear and important information to help you understand prematurity and what to expect. Other books offer stories, an opportunity to read about the ups and downs, the struggles and successes of other preemie journeys. They offer hope. 

So, whether you're looking for information to guide you through your journey in prematurity, or you're looking for stories to inspire you, these 10 books are the perfect place to start. 


Preemies Book Second Edition Cover
Linden, Paroli, Doron

This book is often considered the most thorough and relevant “educational” book for preemie parents available. Written by two preemie mothers and a neonatologist, it offers a wonderful balance of important clinical information along with useful and practical parenting advice. 

This book spends the majority of its pages discussing prematurity while babies are still in the NICU, although it does address preemie needs after going home as well. 

Makes a great gift for any new preemie parent.


The Premature Baby Book

The Premature Baby Book Cover
Sears & Sears

Another great prematurity resource for any preemie parent, from the gentle and caring perspective of Dr. Sears, who is well known for his support of attachment parenting.

This is a great book for parents with a more holistic, all-natural intention in your parenting. 

The Preemie Parent Companion

Preemie Parents Companion Book Cover

Another source of great preemie education is the Preemie Parents' Companion. Again, this is an informational book, and it spends the majority of its pages discussing preemie issues after discharge from the NICU. (Roughly 1/3 covers the NICU portion of the journey, and the remaining 2/3 deal with issues that arise after the NICU.)

A compassionate, insightful and super helpful book.

Preemie Parents

Preemie Parents Book Cover

Preemie Parents is a unique book because it's less about prematurity itself, and more about coping with the NICU.

Organized in chapters from A-Z, the author offers 26 important survival strategies to make the experience better. With chapters on finding gratitude, taking care of yourself, handling family challenges, understanding the insurance and financial costs of the NICU, and so much more, it's a wonderful guidebook to keeping yourself healthy, happy and sane during the overwhelmingly difficult preemie experience. 


Ready for Air Preemie Book Cover

 A stunningly beautiful memoir written by Kate Hopper. Her voice is smart and honest, with a soft humor that feels as if a trusted friend is sitting with you to share her story.

A great book for any NICU parent who wants to share another NICU mom's journey, the good and the challenging, the ups and the downs. Ultimately, a hopeful and inspiring book. 



Anchored Preemie Memoir Book Cover

 A fun yet thought provoking memoir written by Kayla Aimee, who shares such astonishing humor in the midst of a traumatic and frightening NICU journey.

This book has a faith-based angle to it, with Aimee describing her faith, and the ways in which her faith is tested and salvaged throughout the ordeal. 

Definitely a great read for anyone who loves a memoir - a laugh-out-loud one at that - and anyone who wants a fresh and witty insight into prematurity and the NICU. (Full Review Here)


Half Baked

Half Baked Preemie Book Cover

Another humorous memoir of prematurity and the NICU, written by Alexa Stevenson. Half-Baked is filled with honesty and wit, which makes it a joy to read about such a difficult subject. Stevenson writes in a way that many NICU parents will appreciate, because it's approachable and down-to-earth. 


Girl In Glass Prematurity Book Cover

This memoir written by Deanna Fei is a stunning work - honest, emotional and passionate. You may remember the story of this preemie in the news - she was thrust into the spotlight when the CEO of AOL implied that her extreme insurance cost was the reason that AOL employee benefits were cut.

This book not only shares a moving story of prematurity and what it was like for the family, but the author also offers an insightful look at the broader implications of health care costs in society today. A great read!



Preemie Memoir Book Cover

Kasey Mathews has written a moving story about her preemie daughter and their NICU journey. Matthews is a skilled writer who takes such a stressful experience and creates a page-turner that you won't want to put down.  



From Hope to Joy Preemie Book Cover

A memoir by Jennifer Degl, whose daughter was born extremely prematurely. Degl continues to this day to be a passionate advocate for preemies and their families, and this story helps shed light on what her experience was like and how it prompted her to become such a strong preemie advocate. 


Have another preemie book that you would recommend?

There are so many books related to prematurity and the NICU - if you know of one that's worth sharing, email Trish and let her know!

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