The 7 Best Can Openers for Arthritis Sufferers to Buy in 2018

Ease pain with easy to operate gadgets

Can openers can be tricky to operate for the average person so imagine the trouble one may have if they suffer from arthritis or have general pain or weakness in their hands. While cooking is such an enjoyable activity for many, it’s important to have the proper tools to aid in making dinner for your family or baking for the neighbors (especially considering the average household opens 600 cans per year ).

Thankfully there are so many different options to make this job a cinch for those attempting to tackle those sometimes pesky cans. From electric to an easy to maneuver handheld option, these are the best can openers for arthritis sufferers. 


If you’ve ever used an electric can opener, you’re probably familiar with the splashing and seepage that can occur when removing the lid. This device eliminates that by cutting into the side of the can rather than the top (which is a bonus for those pull-tab tops that can otherwise take some strength to remove). After a light push of the ergonomic lever, the machine does the rest of the work. An Amazon Choice, the Hamilton Beach has been upgraded from its previous version to meet consumer needs. There is no retractable cord on this opener, but you can wind it around a tab in the back for storage purposes.

With over 8,000 reviews and 81% being a five-star rating and above you know this is a smart pick. Reviewers comment that this machine makes it fun to open cans and they don't worry about cutting their hands. 


The OXO opener may not be electric, but its snap-and-lock feature and cushy handle make it so you can grip the opener without much effort at all, making it smart for tired hands. Reviewers also like the fact that the opener never touches the contents of the can, so it can be thrown right back into the drawer after use (rather than having to wash it). What’s also great is the smooth cut the opener provides, preventing any unnecessary kitchen scrapes and cuts. Another bonus is the little window on the top of the opener, which means, you can see exactly when the opener is done making its full circle around the can.

Reviewers who suffer from arthritis continue to buy this opener when the older ones break after many years because it is that good. 


Users who buy this opener have come back to comment on how pleased they are about the length of time they’ve had their device, especially considering the cost-effectiveness of the item. The base of this item is also wide enough to ensure sturdiness so there’s no slipping on a smooth counter top or toppling over when a heavy item is being opened. The Cuisinart is a single-touch device and is able to handle any standard-size can.


Not only is this a can opener, but it is a knife sharpener, bag cutter, and bottle opener as well. Another bonus of the Black and Decker is that it can actually be mounted below a cabinet (or the like) to save counter space. It also remains quite “hidden” and has an easy-open door where you access the actual opening mechanism. Weighing just over a pound, this machine allows for those of all hand strengths and mobility issues to be able to move it around without issue.


The sleek design of the Aicok is a draw in itself but the go-to feature of this opener is its ability to open tall cans. Users also love the quiet hum of the device, which can be hard to find in can openers. The blade is efficient and smooth and gets the job done with a push of a button. This Amazon Choice opener uses a magnetic device to make sure there are no lids splashing into the can once it’s been opened! This model also has a built-in knife sharpener and can opener making it a handy kitchen gadget. 



This classic design may not be fancy but it sure gets the job done. Hamilton Beach uses patented technology to ensure each can opens on the first try every single time, which means, it’s not only efficient but also easy to use! The machine also has an automatic shutoff and a built-in knife sharpener. This Amazon Choice also appeals to shoppers because of its affordable price point. When you are all done opening cans the cutting unit can be removed and placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Some reviewers note that opening tall cans can be a little tricky so if you often open larger items it might be best to pass on this option if you have achy hands.



If you’re on a budget but need something that is easy on the hands, this Proctor Silex opener fits the bill. This gadget is able to maneuver tall cans (just make sure to have a hand on the can at all times), has cord storage and a lever that twists off for easy cleaning. Also to note, the opener has a pretty slim design and doesn’t take up much space on the countertop making it great for people with a small kitchen. The item comes in black and white.


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