The Best Children's Books about Prematurity

Wonderful stories to share with preemies and their siblings

There's something comforting - validating - in opening up a beautiful book that celebrates prematurity. Touching, sweet stories which honor the unique journey of prematurity are a treasure for the whole family. 

By offering your children age-appropriate books that help them understand what it means to be a preemie or to have a preemie brother or sister, you're helping them accept and appreciate their unique reality.

Parents aren't the only ones who want to understand prematurity - preemies and their siblings want to know too!

These 10 books are all filled with adorable illustrations, sharing messages of hope and inspiration. For those of you looking for great gift ideas, any of these books would make a wonderful gift for the families of preemies. 

The Moment you were Born

The Moment You Were Born Preemie Children's book cover
Lane /Miles / Hehenberger

 This new book, appropriate for children aged newborn to 2 years old, is a sweet read-aloud book with beautiful illustrations. Told from the perspective of the baby's parent, it offers a gentle and soothing story of caring for a baby who is in the NICU. 

This book also has a short and helpful "Note to Parents and Caregivers" section with some wonderful advice for managing the NICU journey. 

Go Preemies!

Go Preemies Book Cover

 This fantastic new book is sure to be a hit with your preemie as he or she grows up. It answers that deep-seated desire to know that preemies can and do grow up to be strong, healthy, vibrant adults with rich, full, interesting lives. 

The illustrations are fun, and the facts included are wonderfully inspiring. 

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My Sister / Brother is a Preemie

My Sister is a preemie / My Brother is a preemie book covers
Chuzzlewit / Vitterito

 This sweet book is a perfect way to explain the NICU to a young sibling. Simple words which are perfect for young readers and a gentle rhyming rhythm make it a pleasure to read aloud. 

No Bigger than my Teddy Bear

Preemie Children's Book No Bigger Than My Teddy Bear Cover

This story introduces us to a young boy whose brother is a preemie in the NICU, and it's another sweet way to share the experience with siblings. It's also a fun book for preemies themselves to read as they're growing up, giving them an idea of what their fragile beginnings were like. 

The Very Tiny baby

The Very Tiny Baby book cover

Another wonderful sibling book to read aloud. 

With sweet illustrations and simple language suitable for young children, this book shares the story of a young boy who is honest about his emotions (worry, ambivalence) about becoming a brother and about how the family is handling the premature birth of the new baby.

Good Things Come in Small Packages (I was a Preemie)

Good things come in small packages preemie book cover
Campbell /Fusco

 An empowering story book for preemies that helps them see their unique beginning in a positive, uplifting light. 

Appropriate for children from newborn through age 8. A portion of the sales of this book are donated to the March of Dimes. 

Evan Early

Evan Early

 A great read-aloud book for siblings who have a new baby brother or sister in the NICU. The sibling in this story, an older sister, finds a sweet way to mark the time as she eagerly anticipates the day her baby will come home. 

It's a very creative and well-written book, sure to help both parents and siblings manage the emotional wait for baby.

Waiting for Baby - A Sibling Visits the NICU

Waiting for baby A Sibling Visits the NICU Book Cover

 An adorable illustrated book written by a NICU nurse to help siblings understand what to expect when visiting a baby in the NICU. 

Also included are wonderful suggestions for some simple yet empowering activities your young sibling to do in order to begin bonding with their new baby.

Peanut- a Storybook for Mighty Preemie Babies

Peanut Preemie baby book cover

 Written by a preemie mom, this short & sweet read-aloud book is perfect for any baby who was born early. With simple rhyming, it's a great lullaby book, soothing and positive. Great to read to babies while they are still in the NICU, as well as after they're home. 

My Baby Sister is a Preemie

My baby Sister is a Preemie
Amadeo / Bladholm

 This story of Sarah, a young girl whose mother delivers her baby early. As compared to the other stories, this book feels like more education that is age-appropriate for siblings of preemies in the NICU. It offers information in a clear, simple manner. 

A slight religious overtone is woven into the story, although it is only a very minor presence in the story and this book should be useful for families of any faith. 

Have another preemie children's book that you would recommend?

There are so many books related to prematurity and the NICU - if you know of one that's worth sharing, email Trish and let her know!

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