10 Best Personal Journals for Social Anxiety Disorder

Are you looking for a way to keep daily tabs on your social anxiety? One way to do so is by keeping a journal or notebook about your daily experiences related to social anxiety. In particular, if you are practicing strategies based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), it will be helpful to keep a written log.

I've searched for some of the nicest journals available to serve this purpose and listed them below. These journals are not created by mental health professionals, so they are meant to be used as a complement to another self-help program or traditional treatment.

Remember, any sort of record-keeping will work, even if you choose not to purchase a fancy journal. These are just some ideas of products that might make the process a little easier.

30 Days to Calm

Try this journal to manage your anxiety.
A journal to help calm anxiety. Courtesy of Etsy / CallHerHappy

This journal includes practical tips for managing stress, anxiety and panic attacks. It is designed to be used over 30 days, with a tip or tool to be read each day and space to respond to a journal prompt, with a goal to help you build skills, understand your beliefs, and develop new ways to cope.

Tips are cumulative to help you build on what you have learned and develop good habits. Although the journal is not published by a medical professional, it may help for those coping through standard treatment or looking for complementary tools to use with self-help books published by professionals.

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Stress Buster Journal for Minimizing Anxiety and Reducing Stress

Use this journal to manage your stress.
A journal for tracking and managing stress. Courtesy Amazon / Spicy Journals

This journal will help you reduce the stress and anxiety in your life by responding to prompts about the type of stress you are experiencing and how you can respond to it.

The simple act of monitoring and tracking the triggers of your social anxiety is likely to help with whatever treatment plan you are following, be it cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

Mental Health Journal Printables

Try this journal to track your mental health progress.
A series of mental health printables to track your progress. Courtesy of Etsy / Threewithatwist

Are you looking for something that you can download right away? These mental health printables can be printed at home on regular paper that you place in your own folder or binder.

The printables include a cover, administrative sections (contacts, resources, appointment, log, medication tracker), a bucket list (awesome!), a positive thoughts log, wellness plan, wellness tracker, gratitude list, CBT worksheet for negative thoughts, symptom tracker, weekly goals list, daily care log, and notes page.

Again, this resource was not created by a mental health professional, but when used in conjunction with a self-help book by a professional or traditional treatment, it seems that it would be an excellent complementary resource to keep track of how you are doing on a daily basis.

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Simple Writing Journal with Inspirational Quote Cover

A selection of simple journals you can use for social anxiety.
Simple writing journals with inspirational quotes. Courtesy of Etsy / JournalandCompany

If you are looking for a simple writing journal, these may suit your needs. These journals are small to take with you on the go and are handmade in Austin, Texas. You can choose from lined or blank pages and covers in a range of colors.

Some of the quotes you can choose from for the cover include the following:

"It's never too late to be what you might have been."

"Set goal, smash, repeat."

"Progress is progress no matter how small."

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

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I love the look and content of these journals, but feel there is still room for a product to be created that caters specifically to those suffering with social anxiety disorder. Those with SAD have very specific concerns that stretch beyond everyday stress and even other forms of anxiety—and would best served by a specific journal. However, I think any of these would be helpful in the process of self-help.

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