The Best Preemie Resources of 2015

Hand to Hold

Hand to Hold Preemie Resources 2015

Specializing in peer-to-peer support for NICU families, this organization is a leader in the world of preemie support. 

With blogs, forums, parents and NICU staff education, sibling support, and more they provide a wide and rich array of resources for any family going through the preemie journey.

A couple of wonderful works they published this year include Gratitude in a NICU Experience and Lucky

Peek a Boo ICU

Peek A Boo ICU Logo

Written by NICU Nurse Jodi Doezel, this blog and the accompanying store are wonderful resources for NICU Parents. You'll find inspiring articles such as I See You, and journey beads to purchase, which make remembering your NICU journey a joy. 

NICU Healing

NICU Healing Preemie Resources 2015

A beautiful, thoughtful resource by preemie mother and Marriage & Family Therapist Kara Wahlin.

Filled with insightful articles about the mental health struggles brought on by premature birth, it's a  great place to go when you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed and alone during a difficult preemie journey.

Two blog highlights from 2015 include Relationship Challenges in the NICU and The Silent Struggle of Mental Health and the NICU

Graham's Foundation

Graham's Foundation Preemie Resources 2015

Graham’s Foundation is a wonderful resource for preemie parents, empowering them with support, advocacy and research, hoping to improve outcomes for premature babies and their parents.

A few of their offerings set them apart: care packages - NICU packages, transition to home packages, and remembrance packages - as well as their app wonderful NICU app MyPreemie

Be sure to check out their wonderful blog, where you'll find great reads such as The Day I Broke and What Preemie Parents Wish They'd Known

You and Me and Everyone Else

You and Me and Everyone Else Preemie Resources 2015

This wonderful blog is the latest work by preemie mom and writer Alana Romain, who started documenting her preemie journey with  the blog Rockstar Preemies. She's evolved as a writer and has expanded her writing topics, but mothering her preemies remains a central theme.

This article from 2015 gives an honest look at just one of the internal struggles that prematurity can create: This is What a Flashback Feels Like.

NICU Helping Hands

NICU Helping Hands Preemie Resources 2015

They've garnered national attention for their incredible Angel Gown program, which provides beautiful outfits for the most difficult experience a family can endure. 

One great article from this year's blog includes How Our Respiratory Therapists Impacted our NICU Journey.

It's a Preemie Thing

Looking for a little fun on your NICU journey and after? These whimsical T-Shirts are sure to bring a much needed smile. Plus check out the blog and facebook page for updates and inspiration.

Every Tiny Thing

Every Tiny Thing Preemie Resources 2015

This online store offers one-of-a-kind products designed to make the NICU experience more joyful, including NICU-approved artwork to decorate isolettes & cribs, signature posters to remember a preemie's first caregivers in a beautiful way, and much more.

Preemie Prints

Preemie Prints Preemie Resources 2015

This organization specializes in providing photography sessions for families with babies in the NICU, along with many other wonderful support services. Check out their blog for examples of the beautiful photos they've taken of some of the littlest patients.

They have volunteer photographers across the country, and you can request a photography session here.

Pebbles of Hope

Pebbles of Hope

This organization, founded by a preemie mother, strives to create awareness and support for prematurity. For preemie parents, the videos in their resource section offer fantastic information on kangaroo care, breast milk, NICU support and more. 

Morgan Leary Vaughan Fund and the NEC Society

Morgan Leary Vaughan Preemie Resources 2015

For any preemies experiencing the life-threatening complication of Necrotizing Enterocolitis, these two organizations offer incredible support. Morgan's Fund has created a fantastic podcast dedicated to this topic, and the NEC Society has a beautiful blog that's informative and inspiring.

Other great Blogs

Best Preemie Resources Blogs

Huff Post - the "Parents" section of this online resource often highlights the struggles related to prematurity. A few examples include These Photos which Capture the NICU Experience and This Letter to NICU Dads.

Scary Mommy - this online parenting collection of articles is another place to find great preemie stories and inspiration, such as the beautiful letter Dear Preemie Mom

Some smaller, more personal blogs exist to support and encourage preemie parents, such as Micro Mom Blog and Papas of Preemies.

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