Best Preschool Magazines

Fun and educational periodicals for little ones

A great way to introduce your child to reading is to offer up a variety of sources to read from. Books, magazines, even newspapers are all wonderful things to expose your little one to. Magazines for preschoolers, in particular, are a lot of fun -- not only are they filled with age-appropriate stories, but they often contain lots of activities, puzzles, games, and coloring pages. Not to mention that are chock-full with lots of full-color photos and illustrations, making them visually pleasing for little ones. Plus there is the added bonus of your child getting something in the mail every few weeks -- always a treat!

These magazines are great for kids in the 2-5 age group. When subscribing, definitely shop around as discounts and deals are often available. Also, pay attention to the terms of the subscription. Some magazines are published monthly, some ten times a year, and still others every two months. While you may be surprised at the prices -- children's magazines tend to be on the high side -- know that the large majority of periodicals for little kids do not contain advertising. Happy reading!

National Geographic Little Kids

National Geographic Little Kids
National Geographic Little Kids. PriceGrabber

Geared at kids ages 3-5, National Geographic Little Kids features photos, games, and stories all having to do with our natural world. Little ones will love looking at all of the beautiful photographs of animals while learning more about different creatures and how the world works. To expand on what you have read, you can visit the National Geographic Little Kids website for free access to additional materials including printables and online games.

Highlights High Five

Highlights High Five
Highlights High Five. PriceGrabber

From the publisher of the beloved magazine Highlights, comes Highlights High Five, a monthly periodical geared at kids ages 2-6. Featuring stories, poems, crafts, recipes, games, and puzzles, the goal of the magazine is to help children get ready to learn to read. Weaving together both fiction and non-fiction stories as well as plenty fun things to do, Highlights High Five is a magazine a preschooler can read through on their own, or with a favorite grown-up.

Turtle -- The Magazine for Preschool Kids

Turtle -- The Magazine for Preschool Kids
Turtle -- The Magazine for Preschool Kids. PriceGrabber

Filled with stories, rhymes, cartoons, activities, recipes and crafts, Turtle offers preschoolers ages 3-5 a chance to engage in age-appropriate reading and fun all while learning. Good for reading through together, Turtle has lots of fun games such as hidden pictures and even some easy recipes that you can make with your little one.


Ladybug magazine
Ladybug magazine. PriceGrabber

If reading aloud is something you like to do with your preschooler, then definitely take a look at Ladybug, a literature magazine designed for children ages three to six. Each issue features stories and poems all written on an easy-to-understand level that your little one will want to hear again and again. The stories are entertaining and interesting and often are good jumping off points for deeper conversation with your child about a variety of subjects.

Clubhouse Jr. Magazine
Clubhouse Jr. Magazine. PriceGrabber

Published by Focus on the Family, Clubhouse Jr. is a faith-based magazine for young children ages 3-7 that gently introduces tenets of Christianity while reinforcing good behavior and morals. Filled with articles, crafts, puzzles and games, you can also head to the website for more fun at no charge.



Click magazine
Click magazine. PriceGrabber

With a focus on science and how things work, Click is a magazine geared at kids age 3-7. It's filled with easy-to-do experiments and activities as well as interesting stories, photo essays, and cartoons. Each month there is a different theme that is thoroughly explored, encouraging kids to ask questions and learn more about the world around them.

Ranger Rick Jr.

Ranger Rick Jr.
Ranger Rick Jr. PriceGrabber

Got a preschooler who is a fan of animals? Ranger Rick Jr. will be right up their alley. Geared at kids ages 4 to 7, it's filled with fun activities, simple stories, and plenty of wild animals to read about. Not only is Ranger Rick Jr. a fun magazine to read through together, your little one will definitely be learning a lot from it.

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