Best Running Songs from Movies

Movie soundtracks are a great source of motivational music. Although some of these songs are a bit cheesy, they can help keep you moving during your runs.

  • "Lose Yourself" – Eminen (from 8 Mile)
  • "Let It Go" - Idina Menzel  (from Frozen)
  • "Just Like Fire" - Pink (from Alice Through the Looking Glass
  • "You're the Best" - Joe Esposito (from Karate Kid)
  • "Happy" – Pharrell (from Despicable Me 2)
  • "Gonna Fly Now" – Bill Conti (from Rocky)
  • "Eye of the Tiger" – Survivor (from Rocky III)
  • "Centerfield" – John Fogarty (from Bull Durham)
  • "Push It to the Limit" - Paul Engemann (from Scarface)
  • "Hearts on Fire" - John Cafferty  (from Rocky IV)
  • "I Need a Hero" – Bonnie Tyler (from Footloose)
  • "Danger Zone" - Kenny Loggins (from Top Gun)
  • "Maniac" - Michael Sembello (from Flashdance)
  • "Big Guns" – AC/DC (from Last Action Hero)
  • "Man in Motion" – John Parr (from St. Elmo’s Fire)
  • Theme song from Chariots of Fire
  • "You Could Be Mine" - Guns N' Roses (from Terminator 2)
  • "The Power of Love" - Huey Lewis and the News (from Back to the Future)
  • "Cups (When I'm Gone)" - Anna Kendrick (from Pitch Perfect)
  • "Move It" - - (from Madagascar)
  • "New" - Paul McCartney (from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2)
  • "Fall" - Daft Punk (from Tron)


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