Best Soaps for Washing Your Face If You Have Dry Skin

The Secret Is -- Don't Use Soap

Dry skin feels tight and can be flaky. Many people dry out their face with soaps that are too harsh mistaking that tightness they feel after washing for cleanliness. If your face is dry, avoid soaps. Use a non-foaming facial cleanser or non-foaming facial cloth.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

This is a great water-soluble facial cleanser. It's mild enough to be used on dry or eczematous skin, and it doesn't contain any fragrances that can be irritating. This cleanser is a lotion that doesn't lather, and it rinses off well without a washcloth. It doesn't remove makeup well, but most ​people with dry skin don't wear a lot of makeup.

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Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser

This cleanser is another "oldie, but a goodie" because it's a fragrance-free, non-foaming liquid cleanser that doesn't have any irritating ingredients. It is a good choice for anyone with dry or sensitive skin.

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Olay Daily Facials Cleansing Cloths for Sensitive Skin

Many people like the cleansing cloths because they feel refreshing. This one is a good choice for dry skin because it doesn't contain any drying ingredients and it's fragrance-free. It doesn't contain any ingredients you can't get using any of the other cleansers in this list and a washcloth. But it's handy for travelers or people who like the convenience of a face cloth.

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pHisoDerm Deep Cleaning Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

This cleanser sets itself apart from the others because it contains a high percentage of mineral oil which helps remove makeup and adds some moisture to the skin. It is also fragrance- and detergent-free, making it a good choice for dry or sensitive skin.

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Almay Cleansing Lotion for Dry Skin

This cleanser is a good choice for dry skin because it is fragrance-free and has a mild water-based detergent. It also contains a small amount of plant oil to help dissolve makeup. This product also has cucumber extract which Almay claims helps hydrate the skin. I can find no good references that suggest cucumber either hydrates the skin or is irritating. So the addition of cucumber extract in this product is a "wash." It doesn't negatively or positively affect the cleanser.

Dove Sensitive Essentials Fragrance Free Cleansing Cloths

These cleansing cloths are a good choice for a basic, non-irritating facial cleanser. They don't contain any special ingredients but they are mild enough to use on dry skin.

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