8 Best Summer Jobs for Teens

Serving ice cream is one of the best summer jobs a teen can have.
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Finding a summer job won't only help keep your teen out of trouble, but it can also help him save money. Additionally, part-time employment will teach your teen a lot about the working world.

It's important to take a proactive approach to help your teen find a summer job early, as temporary and seasonal positions often fill up quickly. Here are some of the best summer jobs for teens:

1. Camp Counselor

There are many different types of camps for young children.

Day camps often need counselors to help with anything from setting up crafts to supervising during meals. Overnight camps hire teens to stay at camp for weeks – or even months – at a time to supervise younger campers.

Since overnight camps provide meals and lodging, the pay rate is often greatly reduced, but it can be a worthwhile opportunity for a teen looking to gain work experience.

2. Retail Sales

Clothing stores, grocery stores, and hardware stores are just a few retail stores that hire teens for seasonal work. A teen may be able to do anything from running the cash register to stocking shelves.

3. Food Service

Restaurants, ice cream shops, and specialty food stores often need increased staff during the summer. Fast food restaurants also tend to hire extra employees during summer vacation. There are limitations for people under the age of 18 in terms of cooking and serving alcohol, but often, they can serve food and manage cash registers.

4. Lifeguard

Sitting by the town pool or at the local beach all summer doesn’t sound like a bad job, but there is certainly a lot of responsibility that goes along with being a lifeguard. Lifeguarding can be a great way job for teens who are able to take the responsibility seriously. The American Red Cross offers a variety of lifeguard training courses and their website can help you find a course near you.

5. Parks and Recreation Jobs

Most cities offer recreational activities during the summer for younger children and often teens can get jobs helping out. Their role may include anything from helping coach basketball to teaching kids soccer skills. Some park and recreation programs also hire teens to help out with activities such as gardening work or preparing a local park for an annual festival.

6. Farm Work

Small farms often need young people to help out with labor during the summer months. Teens may do anything from pull weeds to feed animals. It can be a great opportunity for teens who want to work outdoors.

7. Tourism Jobs

The summer months mean people will be on vacation and often, that provides teens with opportunities for employment. Tourism jobs may include anything from being a tour guide to working at local vacation destinations, such as parks or museums. Tourism jobs can give teens endless opportunities to meet new people and learn a variety of new skills that will prepare them for future employment.

8. Self-Employment

Transportation problems, age restrictions, and a lack of employment opportunities are just a few of the issues that can make it difficult for teens to obtain a traditional job.

But that doesn’t mean a teen can’t earn money. There are many businesses teens can start with little or no money. Operating a business teaches teens a variety of skills that will prepare them for the realities of adulthood. 

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