Best Summer Running Socks

Top Summer Running Sock Choices to Keep Feet Cool and Prevent Blisters

Wearing the right running socks is critical to your comfort and endurance when running in the summer months. These recommended summer running socks will keep your feet cool and dry, so you can run longer and steer clear of painful blisters. You may have been able to get away with cotton socks during the cooler months, but you'll discover why they are the wrong choice for preventing blisters once your feet sweat more in warm weather. You'll want to try strategies such as double-layer socks. You may be happiest with a non-itchy wool or synthetics might be your favorite choice.

These socks were developed to improve comfort by cushioning your every step while pulling heat and sweat away from your foot. They're extremely breathable and comfy, with additional cushioning in the heel, ball and toe.

You can avoid painful blisters with Feetures patented Coolfeet Ventilation System and seamless PerfectToe. The Coolfeet Ventilation System provides unique 360° mesh ventilation for maximum air flow and breathability. The socks also feature bands of Lycra that hug the foot and keep your socks in place. Your feet will stay cool, dry and fresh.

WrightSock Double Layer socks feature two totally separate layers that allow movement between the layers. As a result, heat and friction stay between the layers, not between the sock and your foot. The socks' Dri-WRIGHT, multi-channeled yarns wick moisture away from the foot, which allows the moisture to spread out, giving it a larger area from which to evaporate. What does this mean for you, the runner? You'll have blister-free runs every time you hit the road.

Wool in summer? Yes, these non-itchy wool socks have natural moisture-management that many runners prefer. The highly efficient moisture-wicking capability of SmartWool's mini crew socks keeps your feet dry and blister-free, even when running in the heat. For additional comfort, the sock also features a flat-toe seam and a waffle-knit instep for more flexibility and ventilation. These lightweight socks are a great choice for summer running.

These Teko socks are made of merino wool that's organic and wicks away moisture. The socks have air vents allow for breathability, keeping your feet cool even during hot weather runs. They are available in both men's and women's versions, but the women's socks feature a narrower heel and tapered toe. It will depend on your personal foot shape as to whether that's right for you, regardless of your sex.

Thorlo Lite Running Coolmax socks are designed for athletes who prefer a thin sock. The blend of Coolmax and stretch nylon in these socks provides superior wicking characteristics. They also have great padding for a lightweight sock. These socks feature additional padding right where you as a runner need more protection -- in the arch, ball and heel. Thorlo is known for its sports and activity-specific socks.


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