Best Toys and Games for Gifted Kids

Boy Playing with Toy Castle
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Remember those toys that looked so cool and exciting? The ones you were sure your child would love - but that ended up in the back of some closet? I sure do. After a while, though, I figured out how to pick toys that I was sure my child would enjoy and play with over and over. While many gifted kids will certainly love many of the same toys all children love, there are some toys that just seem meant for gifted kids.

Regardless of your child's age and interest, there are toys - and games - that they won't tire of quickly.

Toys by Age

If you are looking for toys for a specific age group, start with one of these lists. The first has toys for a variety of ages. The second has toys specifically for toddlers, while the last has toys for babies. And yes, babies can be gifted.

Science Toys

Curious kids love science and most gifted kids are curious, so it's not surprising that they love science. And kids who love science are sure to love science-oriented toys. Whether the focus is on physics, chemistry, ecology, astrology, or some other science, these toys are sure to appeal to your child's quest for knowledge and challenge.

    Toys and Games for Creativity and Critical Thinking

    Some kids are science-oriented, but others are more creative. They enjoy the world of the arts and the imagination. For these kids, art supplies and musical toys are just what they need!  But even those children who love science can benefit from games and toys that nurture creativity and spark the imagination.

    Where else do new ideas in science come from? And all children will also benefit from learning and practicing critical thinking skills. Strategy board games can help with that critical thinking and are loved by kids (and adults) who love a mental challenge.

    Construction Toys

    What child doesn't love to build structures, whether they are houses, castles, cars, or whatever they can imagine? It's hard to imagine that someone isn't aware of Legos, but there are other construction sets that are fun for kids. Rokenbok sets are also well known, are durable, and provide hours and hours of building fun. Beyond those familiar names are others, some that might be familiar and others perhaps not so familiar.  These include Erector, Magz, Brio, K'Nex, and Kapla.

    Special Interest Toys and Games

    Does your child have a favorite theme or interest? Perhaps she loves Sesame Street. Or maybe your child loves the Harry Potter books and movies or the Lord of the Rings. Perhaps it's not books and movies and such themes your child likes, but language and language use.

    If your child has any of those interests, these toys and games will no doubt be a big hit.

    Seasonal Toys

    These toys and games may be seasonal, but they are still lots of fun, and most can be used anytime. For instance, although some games, like "Stack the Bones" are great to play during Halloween, it doesn't mean they can played only on Halloween!

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