6 Best Ways to Leverage a Web Guest Spot with Low Vision

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If you’ve been thinking how to enhance your life by sharing your passions and expertise on the World Wide Web as a person who is blind or visually-impaired, consider becoming a guest writer on someone else’s blog or a podcast interviewee.

One great advantage if you are not confident enough to start your own blog due to having low vision is that you can let go of worrying about the technical design & all things visual.

Pitch a great article idea to a host blogger or podcast interviewer and discover how they are more than happy to take care of all that technical stuff!

You may not realize that you are already ahead of your game because living with a visual impairment gives you certain life-strategies others find inspiring, such as:

  • retaining a sense of independence in spite of vision loss
  • being determined to find solutions to daily living problems
  • looking beyond low vision to pursue hobbies, goals and aspirations
  • reaching out in a collaborative spirit to make life easier

And perhaps one of your most valuable qualities learned in the school of life with vision loss is  knowing when it is best to continue to pursue an idea, or to let go of what is not working out.

What you DO need to master is an irresistible pitch and the ability to deliver on your promise!

So, how do you get started? Where can you grab hold of that first opportunity and leverage your life-experience to make a difference in the lives of others?

Tip 1: Identify Your Passions

It is very important to know what you are passionate about. Being authentic as a writer or speaker will come shining through your words. You need to name your passions.

Make a list of the things in life that inspire you because you are particularly good at doing them. For example, being visually-impaired, people may not know you have a flair for, cooking, traveling independently, writing, caring for kids, using adaptive technology, reviewing audio books, practicing sustainable living, gardening,  or loving a particular outdoor activity.

Once you are clear, you now have a focus for a theme.

Tip 2: Embrace Your Expertise: research & network 

Use what you know and do well to begin finding out what is out there in the blogosphere or talk to friends, that aligns with your theme, philosophy and experience.

With over 150 million blogs out there, you will surely find a genuine connection to another passionate soul within your chosen niche.

When you do, your core ideas will be sparked by their mission statement, making it easier for you to be inspired to pitch your first guest-post idea!

Tip 3: Pitch Perfect in Your Niche.

Next, you will need to choose your most eloquent ‘voice’.

For example, is your strength writing fiction or nonfiction? Do you like to recite poetry or Do you speak more confidently on practical topics or in relating interesting anecdotes that reflect your personal philosophy?

Whatever your unique style, the crucial part of being invited to join a guest-spot on a blog or podcast is sharing from your own experience – this is the heart of integrity and an attractive quality, people are fascinated when hearing about life with a visual-impairment.

Tip 4: Networking with Authenticity

In searching for your first guest opportunity, you will need to spend some time going through blogs and websites (with your assistive technology if you use this form to surf the web) to seek threads in common. 

A window of opportunity can open up if you:

  • Check for a submissions page or call-out
  • Read carefully through guest-post guidelines
  • Become acquainted with the printed and/or audio content, as in word length or podcast topics
  • Spot a potential ‘gap’ which you can fill (adding value to their site)

When you identify a need and align it with that certain something unique in what you have to offer, begin writing down your ideas.

Tip 5: Write & Speak it Right

What really counts is the quality of what you have to say, not the quantity of all the things you can offer. Focus on a couple of topics and work with these.

Be accurate, clear and engaging: every word does count.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Tip 6: Short & Sweet Connection

Right. You’ve got the contact email name or form and are ready.

Be short and sweet, clear and, in only a few sentences, pitch away.

Include briefly: what you do, why you like their website or blog and why you are the perfect person to offer the topic you are sending – in polite, not pushy terms.

You need to demonstrate that you have an idea of their mission and would love to share in the vision, with the added bonus of giving a different perspective being visually-impaired to interest their readers or podcast audience.

Finally, if your pitch is not successful, don’t take it personally.

Instead, it is an opportunity to repurpose and recycle your ideas, find a new place to pitch and move on. Trust that, sooner or later, your efforts will land the right guest-spot in your niche.

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