8 Best Yoga Pants for Men

Scrap the sweats for yoga wear

Sure, you could do yoga in your old sweatpants from college, but those sweatpants are going to be weighed down with perspiration before you can say adho mukha svanasana. With so many options out there these days, why not try something else?

Why Yoga Pants Are a Good Choice

Pants that are designed for yoga and made out of lightweight, technical fabrics that stretch in all the right places are going to be much more comfortable and functional. We've rounded up a few different styles below so that that you can find one that suits your taste. From loose and casual to a tight legging to a classic track pant, there's something for everyone.

Pants Instead of Shorts

Why choose pants instead of shorts? It's more or less a personal preference, although experts say that (perhaps counterintuitively) pants are better for hot practices than shorts. If you wear shorts for hot yoga, the sweat running down your legs will make them, and your mat, slippery. Pants will absorb some of that moisture. However, if you're a guy who likes to show a little leg, read about yoga shorts for men.


This hemp-blend pant has a little stretch and beachy styling, courtesy of a drawstring waist, front pockets, and wide legs. It's a casual look that doesn't scream "yoga!" if you want to take it out for coffee or a little bouldering after class.


Lululemon isn't just for the ladies. The Intent pant is a functional yoga pant for men with track pant styling, courtesy of a drawstring at the waist and narrow ankles. Lululemon's lightweight Luon fabric is stretchy and sweat-wicking, of course. 



If you detect a whiff of European styling in these Namoustache yoga pants, you have an excellent sense of smell. Ohmme is a brand out of London specializing in men's yoga wear. Founder Louis d’Origny brings his experiences working for Hermes and as a dedicated yogi to each design. They also make full-length leggings, a drop-crotch fisherman pant, and denim yoga pants for men.  



PrAna's JD Knickers offer a basic, stripped down, fully-functional legging experience. The performance stretch fabric makes these a good choice for sweaty yoga classes. The look is reminiscent of men's athletic tights, which are popular with runners. These can also be layered under a pair of shorts.


DRSKIN's compression yoga pants are great for layering with shorts, going on a run, or just wearing alone. With a light feel, two-way air circulation, and moisture wicking, they come in a multitude of colors to choose from and are reasonably priced.


These loose, long pants from YogaAddict come with a drawstring waist, outside pockets, and a thick waistband. They stretch with every move, yet keep you covered and comfortable. You can even confidently wear them around town.


Looking for something a little different? Try these two-toned Thai fisherman style yoga pants. Handmade in Thailand from 100% cotton, they're loose enough to give you the freedom of motion you need for all your most difficult yoga positions.


These Manduka yoga pants are made of jersey with a comfortable, yet form-fitting, stretch. The legs are adjustable so you can wear them down or pulled up at your calf.