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A man comforts a woman laboring in a tub
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These are the natural childbirth videos that so many people want to see. If you are like many women, seeing what labor and birth are all about before you have your baby is a something that you do. Perhaps you scour the internet for birth videos or you watch television shows about birth. Every birth video or birth video collection that you see here is hand selected for you. It will show something amazing - the birth of a baby in a variety of settings from hospital to homebirth, midwife to doctor, doulas and water birth.

Be forewarned that these are labor and natural childbirth videos. Some of the women will be nude or in various states of undress. It is difficult to have a baby without getting a bit naked. If naked women offend you, don't watch these videos.

  • Everyday Miracles by Lamaze International
    This is a quick video that shows there women and their partners in labor. You follow each one through many contractions and the eventual births of their babies. You will see a variety of positions used in labor and many comfort techniques. There is very little nudity and is appropriate for most audiences.
  • Naomi's Birth - Natural Childbirth, Water Birth
    This mom is on her hands and knees in this 8 minute natural childbirth video. You can also see part of her early labor. She has a midwife, her husband and you can hear a toddler in the background.
  • Lillith's Homebirth
    This is another water birth natural childbirth video, though it is an unassisted birth and at home with only her husband, family and friends. Baby weighed 10 lbs. 4 oz.
  • Baby Bear's Birth
    This is a birth center birth. This baby is a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) baby born after two sets of twins.
  • Aline's Birth - Hypnobirth Birth Video
    Baby is born at home with the use of hypnobirth method.
  • Blissful Water Birth
    This video shows a mom in a water tub pushing and the baby is born with the amniotic sac (caul) still intact. The birth attendant removes the sac and the baby is lifted out of the water. Very gentle, no sound.
  • Orgasmic Birth
    If you are looking for a video that you can purchase, Orgasmic Birth by Debra Pascali-Bonaro is one that many people purchase. This shows multiple births and talks to your about the benefits of natural childbirth and how to make your birth as easy as possible.

Watching birth videos is a great way to see just how different every birth is, even if they incorporate some of the same elements. Seeing positive births can help you boost your confidence and start to see yourself giving birth as well. You will also probably see some birth videos in your childbirth class. This is often a series of videos chosen to help you see specific things. If you want more videos, ask your teacher about what videos they recommend for viewing outside of class.

One thing that many people ask for when it comes to birth videos, is that they are looking for a specific type of birth. What does it look like to give birth with a midwife? What does a water birth look like? Show me a home birth! Natural childbirth videos are in popular demand for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that we often do not see natural childbirth portrayed in a very positive light on television. The truth is, just as there is not one way to birth, there is not one way to birth from a natural childbirth perspective.

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