Fun Birthday Cake Alternatives for Tween Parties

Mother and daughter icing cupcakes together
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Birthday parties and celebrations are still pretty important to tweens. But now that your child is getting older, he or she may have their own ideas on birthday themes, who to invite, goody bags, where to have the party, and what kind of birthday cake they want. There are numerous birthday cake alternatives for kids who don't want the traditional celebratory sweet. Below are a few ideas that you and your child can consider when planning that important party.

Birthday Cake Alternatives for Tween Parties

  • Cake Pops: Cake pops are like little lollipop cakes on a stick. Kids like them because they're fun to eat, and parents like them because the portion size is much smaller than a traditional piece of cake. You can buy cake pop kits at home stores or at kitchen stores. Or, you could have the children make the cakes, decorate and then eat them at the party.
  • Ice Cream Sundae Bar: Tweens love the idea of doing things for themselves, and they love the idea of putting their "individual" stamp on everything. An ice cream sundae bar is a great way for tweens to customize their dessert. Provide 1-2 flavors of ice cream, with all the other necessary toppers: whipped cream; gummy bears; sprinkles; cherries; chocolate sauce; strawberry sauce; nuts; and crushed Oreos. Add any additional toppings you think the children might enjoy.
  • Ice Cream Cake: Ice cream cake is a great alternative to birthday cake, and it can be a refreshing choice, especially in warm or summer months. The great thing about an ice cream cake is that they can be as decorative as a regular birthday cake, so you don't have to sacrifice the fun. Ice cream stores and shops often take custom orders for cakes, and grocery stores even sell them nowadays -- although you may have little choice in design or size. Just be sure your ice cream is properly refrigerated before serving.
  • Cupcakes: Cupcakes have come into their own and are almost as popular with children as traditional birthday cakes are. They're fun to eat, and everyone gets the same portion, so no fussing or fighting. Consider allowing your guests to decorate their own cupcakes, as a party activity. Grocery stores and bakeries will also assemble a cupcake display for your birthday boy or girl, and can even customize the cakes to go with your theme and colors.
  • Mega Cookie: A big cookie is a great way to celebrate a birthday, and they are fun for kids to eat and share with one another. Many grocery stores or cookie chain stores will make and decorate your big cookie for you, and the cookies can feed as many as you need, just adjust the portion size accordingly. Big cookies are great for tween parties because they're easy to serve and eat -- guests can use forks or fingers, or eat the cookie right out of the box. Be sure to call a few days before the party to order your big cookie.
  • Donuts, Pies and Chocolate Fondue: Some children just don't like cake, but there are other options available. Consider serving your guests a homemade pie or two, making sure the birthday boy or girl still gets to blow out birthday candles. Donuts can be another favorite for a party crowd. Just order several kinds, and let your guests choose their own. Chocolate fondue is another fun option for tweens. Just melt the chocolate, and let the children have fun dipping marshmallows, strawberries and other treats into the warm, melted chocolate.

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