Birthday Cake Ideas for Babies and Kids

Find Inspiration for the Upcoming Birthday Party

Caterpillar Cupcakes for the Very Hungry Caterpillar

Birthday Party Cupcake
Letting Literature Inspire the Theme Birthday Party Cupcake Caterpillar. Christina Street

Coming up with decent birthday cake ideas for your baby or big kid can be a struggle. Sometimes to discover what you are looking for, it's best to leaf through pictures of cakes to find the right inspiration. This gallery of cakes range from traditional to the tad-bit odd, but might help you along the way.

These caterpillar cupcakes are inspired by Eric Carle's popular book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


As a former elementary school teacher, I can't tell you how much I love good children's literature. These caterpillars inspired from the classic book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, will certainly delight your baby on her first birthday or for older preschoolers and children.

One of the advantages of using cupcakes instead of a traditional birthday cake is that it makes serving the cake go much easier. It also helps with portion control, as many times little kids can't handle a big piece of cake on their own.

If your child has other favorite stories, get creative and design your own literature-based cupcake. For example:

Your Cupcake's Birthday Cake

Cupcakes Birthday
Think Big With a Giant Cupcake For Your Cupcake's Birthday Go with a Cupcake. hfb

What's better than a party with lots of cupcakes? A party with one BIG cupcake!

Cupcakes are classic favorites with kids of all ages, and this cupcake takes that love to a super-sized realm. Whether this one is for a baby's first birthday party or even for an older teen, your cupcakes' birthday cake will be a huge hit.

So how do you construct a giant size cupcake? Wilton makes it easy with their giant cupcake pan. The cake bakes as two separate pieces for easy assembly. Simply apply a thin layer of icing between the two sections to stabilize the cake. Then ice and decorate your giant cupcake to suit the party theme.

If you are looking for a great recipe to bake inside that unique mold, Wilton's Chocolate Pound Cake Recipe is recommended by the manufacturer. It takes about 60 to 70 minutes to bake fully and will be a scrumptious hit for the party.

Sesame Street Cake

Sesame Street Cake
First Birthday Cake Featuring Favorite Characters This Sesame Street Cake Is A-Okay. @cdharrison

A Sesame Street cake is a popular choice for first birthday parties.

I don't think I've ever seen a finer Sesame Steet cake then this one here. Made by professional decorators at Edible Artistry in the great state of Georgia, it's almost a shame to cut into it! This cake is nicely complimented with purchased plastic figurines. They make a nice keepsake for after the cake is all eaten up.

If you do opt to choose an elaborate cake for your baby's first birthday, you may want to consider purchasing a smaller cake that's meant for his enjoyment alone. You may not want to have him grab a handful of such a fine cake.

A Sesame Street theme is easily complimented with commercial party products. You won't have to hunt to find party supplies to go with your Sunny Day theme. Compare prices on current party accessories.

First Birthday Lego Cake

Lego Cake
Cleverly Incorporate Favorite Toys Lego Cake for the Budding Architect. Tama Leaver

Have you ever seen anything as clever as this Lego cake?

Both Lego and Duplo Blocks (Compare prices) have long been a favorite of children. This homemade Lego cake without a doubt takes the cake! Though intended for the first birthday, you can easily adapt this cake to any age you wish.

Curious how this creative mom created the snap-in studs to enhance the cake? She molded thinly rolled fondant icing around stubby drinking straws. After allowing time to become somewhat dry, she scored the fondant and very carefully slid the studs free from the straw.

This cake is a great example of how with just a little imagination, your child's cake can be very unique.

Sugary-Sweet Bear Cake

Bear Cake
Alternative to Traditional Sheet Cakes Sweet Bear Cake. Emily Brady

This three-dimensional bear cake is cute at every angle!

If you are looking for a cake with a little more pop, consider something like this adorable teddy bear cake. Add in smaller decorative cakes to compliment a larger main cake. Use your child's interests to help build your theme.

If you like the bear theme, our Guide to Kids' Parties and Celebrations suggests making sure the theme is carried into the party favors. If you can locate small stuffed teddy bears, these toys would be a cherished memento from the party.

Need help finding some teddy bear favors? Compare prices of cute bears.

A Happy Birthday Cake, School Bus Theme

Happy Birthday Cake
The Wheels on the Bus School Bus Happy Birthday Cake. Heather White

What family hasn't sung along verse after verse to the popular children's tune, The Wheels on the Bus? Why not have a School Bus Happy Birthday Cake?

Chocolate Birthday Cake for the Chocolate Lover

Chocolate Birthday Cake
Decadent and Elegant Cakes Chocolate Birthday Cake for Little Choco-holics. otherthings

Got a little one who loves chocolate? Make it a chocolate birthday cake inside and out.

This chocolate bithday cake looks almost too pretty to eat. Almost that is.

I can just see a little party-goer plucking off the chocolate flowers and fresh raspberries in pure delight. Chocolate goes so well with fresh fruit - which is something else you might want to consider for your special cake.

To help brighten the party when using a cake iced with chocolate, consider using a bright table cloth or bold colored napkins to bring in some contrasting color. The background will certainly draw even more attention to your already yummy-looking cake. Set the stage for your cake by carefully constructing a vibrant backdrop.

First Birthday Cake Ideas

First Birthday Cake Ideas
Rubber Duckie You're the One First Birthday Cake Ideas With Splash. First Birthday Cake Ideas With Splash

When pulling out first birthday cake ideas, consider what makes your baby or child happy.

You're humming the tune "Rubber Duckie" in your head now, aren't you?

This adorably cute cake celebrates with a familiar item that your baby (or child) already knows. Though a common household item (at least for households with young children anyway), this birthday cake is anything but ordinary.

When you pick your cake's theme, you may want to stop by the scrapbooking aisle of your local craft store and see what embellishments they may have. Pictures of the cherished birthday cake adorned with little baubles and trinkets make a memorable scrapbook page from a memorable day.

Looking for rubber duckie scrapbook items, compare prices.

Unusual Cakes: First Birthday's With a Strange Twist

Cakes First Birthday
Skelteon Cake Gone Cute Little Girl? Unusual Cakes First Birthday. JWhipkey

Some families yawn at "the same old same old" cakes. First birthday's can follow the road less traveled.

I'll be honest, this cake is not exactly something I would pick for my child. That being said, I can honestly say I've never seen a first birthday cake that looked anything like this one.

I can only assume that the cake is a reflection of some aspect of the family's personality. Now I am not saying that they are fixated on the dead, but perhaps they follow more of an alternative path to life or walk a little on the wildside. Who knows?

If that is the case, I like how they infused an aspect of their family's collective personality and brought it to the party. Little hearts for eye-sockets, and a sweet pink bow on top of the skull? You have to admit there certainly is an element of cuteness to this cake.

The Pirate Cake

Pirate Cake
Structured Cakes Wow Guests The Pirate Cake for the Perfect Plundering Party. Melissa Valentino

This pirate cake really sets sail at the party.


Here is another cake that you feel it's almost a shame to cut into. This particular cake was made by a local grocery store, which may be a better option for you if you feel a little cake-making-challenged.

Pirate themes can be very popular parties for boys in particular. If you are looking for some ideas for a pirate party, you might consider asking your guests to come in costume, make treasure map invitations, and decorate party central with a nautical motif.

Fondant Star Cake Dazzles

Star Cake
Simplicity in Design Creates Great Cakes This Star Cake Has Pizzazz. Tosha Heuermann

The star cake features the child's name.

This star cake is one of my favorite momma-made cakes. Though I don't think I personally have the skill to create this cake, I can see that people have some talent with cake decorating could re-produce this cake for their child.

This is also a cake that is suitable for any age and any gender. Girls may like a "You're a Star" theme party (Compare prices.) Boys might better appreciate an all-star theme (Compare prices).

Personalize the stars and letters with the guest of honor's favorite colors. Add in special sparkling candles or candles which burn with colored flames for added effect. This star cake has a simple design that can be adapted in many ways to focus on your child's interests.

Birthday Cakes for Girls

Birthday Cakes for Girls
Simply Sweet Ladybug Cake Birthday Cakes for Girls - Bugs, Butterflies, and Beetles. Kakes by Kim

Birthday cakes for girls don't have to be just about princesses.

I often struggle with the fact that sometimes it seems that 90% of the birthday cakes for girls are all about princesses. While I like princesses, don't get me wrong, sometimes it seems like every time I turn around some princess paraphernalia is staring me in the face. And to top it off, it seems like it's always pink and princessy!

That's why I love this bold ladybug cake so much. It's fun and adorable and not pink or a princess! You might want to consider adorning your child in a precious ladybug costume to show off her festive side. Additionally, you could pass out head bopper head bands (compare prices) as antenna party favors.

Children's Birthday Cakes

Children's Birthday Cakes
Using Toys to Decorate the Cake Construction Children's Birthday Cakes. Emily Brady

Often children's birthday cakes are decorated with toys.

What little boy wouldn't be thrilled with this construction work cake? Dump trucks, dirt, and things that go va-rooom are surely at the heart of little boys everywhere. He'll want to snatch the trucks off the top of the cake and get to playing, pronto!

A construction themed birthday party is one that will be relatively easy to decorate and find fun games and favors. Whether you go with a character like Bob the Builder or simply opt for a construction truck theme, there are plenty of resources to enhance the party available.

Tiger Cake

Tiger Cake
Incorpoate Your Child's Name Into the Cake Tiger Cake for Your Little Tiger. awhiskandaspoon

This tiger cake is a witty-twist on the child's name.

So not many of us have a child's name suited to fit the tiger cake pictured here, but you might be able to figure out a way to include the child's first or last name into the actual design of the cake.

Flower baby names have become increasingly popular in recent years, so if you a Lily, Rose, or Daisy, you might want to use that as a theme.

Boys with names like Hunter, Ryder, and Leo might have a hunting, racing, or lion cake. Not every name will lend itself well to a themed birthday party. But for those children whom it does work, they might find the cake a little extra-special that year. It's a wonderful way to encourage your child to embrace their given name.

Birthday Cake Designs

Birthday Cake Designs
Fun and Not-So-Typical First Birthday Cakes Unique Birthday Cake Designs Are Appealing. t0msk

Why not go for something a little more dramatic? Consider birthday cake designs that deviate from the traditional. These cakes make for an exciting, interesting centerpiece on the birthday boy's (or girl)table.

You can add flair to the cake by using cutters to emboss a design into the fondant or use acecssories, like ribbons or edible candies, to add pizzazz.

Clifford Cake

Clifford Birthday Cake
For the Baby That's Love That Big Red Dog. Emily Brady

Emily Elizabeth isn't the only one who has fallen in love with that famous big red dog. While the late John Ritter gave Clifford his voice, your baby might be vocal of his delight in a Clifford Cake.

Favorite book or cartoon characters are often used as party themes, and Norman Bridwell's charater's from Birdwell Island might suit your little one's fancy.

Heart Cake

Heart Cake
A Cake Sure to Set Your Pulse Racing Heart Cake for the Sweet Heart. Tosha Heuremann

I love this homemade heart cake. Bold colors are a favorite due to baby's developing vision, as well as the movement and motion that the little bobbing hearts add as the cake topper.

This non-traditional cake is both whimsical and eye-catching. For added flare, add color when you cut the cake by using a strawberry cake or red velvet cake recipe.

Elegant First Birthday Cakes

First Birthday Cakes
Swiss Dots Add Attractive Touch Elegant First Birthday Cakes. magnificent momma

When looking at first birthday cakes, many parents find sophisticated cakes to be very appealing.


This sweet first birthday cake looks almost like a present sitting there on the table. Embellished with a fine Swiss dot pattern and decorative bow, this cake is lovely.

Cakes such as this one can be even more stunning when a delicious filling is used to enhance the flavor of the cake. You might want to consider some of these cake filling recipes:

Girls' Birthday Cakes

Girls Birthday Cakes
Finding a Girly Cake With Pizzazz Girls Birthday Cakes in Pink. robert_voors

Girls' birthday cakes can be as just as fun shopping around for as little girls clothing. Sweet, fun, and simply adorable.

This particular cake (a homemade one, believe it or not) packs a bright bunch with its vibrant color. You might consider using a well-colored icing or fondant as the canvas for your little girl's special birthday cake.

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