Birthday Gift Ideas for Hepatitis Patients

Ways to Make Hepatitis Patients Feel Special on their Birthday

There are so many people celebrating their birthdays around the world each day. It is one of the most meaningful events in a person’s life. This may be the time of the year when the whole family gathers, friends arrive out of nowhere, and gifts are exchanged. Going to restaurants and savoring a variety of foods are among the treats for the celebrant. This is a great idea when one’s health doesn’t limit the person.

  However, what if a person is suffering from an illness, specifically hepatitis?

Observing a birthday is not only for the healthy. Though negative health conditions may tend to separate patients from fitter people, birthdays are equally important to them. They shouldn’t be deprived of an opportunity to feel recognized and loved. With their situation, they need that all the more. If you are helping them celebrate their birthday, have you ever considered what could be the right birthday gifts for hepatitis patients? Inappropriate gift selection might just cause them more sorrow than happiness. Here are some birthday gift ideas you should consider:

  • TLC (Tender Loving Care):  If you think this isn’t important, you may be mistaken. This is actually the most essential and lasting gift anyone can give even though it is rarely penned down. While there are a lot of tangibles that can be bought in the department store and wrapped as a birthday present, nothing beats the ultimate emotional touch. In fact, all of the tangible manifestations of giving gifts come from the heart. More than anything else, hepatitis patients have to feel that they still have their rank in the family or group, no matter how severe their disease might be. You don’t have to make things complicated when it comes to your gifting choices. Make the patient feel that you are there for him, especially if you’ve been too busy to give them your time. Talk with them, assist them, alleviate their depression, or just be with them throughout the day. The patient will surely feel valued on his special day.
  • Liver-friendly food items: Although another great treat is food, be careful though, as that shouldn’t be the usual birthday piece. Don’t just take your loved one with hepatitis to your favorite steak house. He might just eat something that could aggravate his condition. It’s best to know what food you should cook for his special day. The following points serve as a guide.  Low-protein foods: This is the reason why carelessly bringing them to your favorite fast food joint or celebrating this unique day in restaurants isn’t always  the best idea. Usually, food houses have a primarily meat-based menu. As everybody knows, meats are rich sources of protein, which are direct risk factors to liver infection. Braising out a personal recipe that won’t contribute to the inflammation of the patient’s digestive organs is a better notion. Be sure to stay mindful of your ingredients to avoid giving him pain. Consult the doctor or a certified nutritionist for recommendations if you aren’t sure. Cookbooks for people with this illness are also available.
  • Massage therapy: Hepatitis patients, specifically those who constantly receive interferon shots, usually experience flu-like symptoms. These are common side-effects of the medication. When the patient’s birthday comes around, why not include visiting a massage or a spa clinic as one of your presents for them? This is a great way to downgrade the body aches they experience throughout their treatment. Let them encounter total body relaxation for their special day or provide them with a gift certificate for these services.
  • Take them to support groups that care and value people who are going through the same hurdles. Though you may be unaware of it, suffering from hepatitis may cause anxiety and depression. Even if the patient does not show it, it is often deep within them. In this regard, another birthday treat could be bringing him to a group of people that actually appreciate how he feels. Support groups, counselors, and survivors are possible people they could talk to offer them hope and encouragement to surpass hepatitis.

    In the end, everyone likes birthday gifts, but some gifts just aren’t suitable for everyone. If you are planning to reward your loved one who has the said illness, the above encouragements should prove useful in the long term.


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