Lights, Camera, Action Birthday Party Theme for Teens

If your teen loves movies, this theme will be a big hit.

popcorn movie
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Creating a teenagers' party around Hollywood movies is a great idea for either a birthday party, or an Oscar night extravaganza. This is one party theme where the teenager will want to be involved in the planning because the movies mom and dad think are cool might not exactly be a hit with the younger crowd. 

Depending on your budget, there are many options for how to decorate for this party. Movie posters from some of your teenager's favorite movies can be purchased online or at a party supply store, for instance.

Here are a few other ideas to create a red carpet experience for your teen's party:

  • Make or buy gold stars and label with the guests' names to hang around the party.
  • Make a Walk of Fame with stars, either outside the party location or as guests walk in, like the sidewalk outside Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. You can either put guests' names on the stars in advance or the names of some of your teen's favorite movie stars. 

Here are a few ideas for activities to do at the party, so guests feel like they're in a Hollywood green room, or backstage at the Oscars:

  • Have a "photo booth" set up for guests to take glamour shots. These can either be printed out right away or given to guests later as fun keepsakes. The booth doesn't have to be anything elaborate, it can be a digital camera on a tripod in a corner of the main party room, with a dark or red curtain as a backdrop. 
  • Have all of the guests come dressed up as their favorite movie star, or choose one movie or theme that guests should pick from. Themes might include Old Hollywood, science fiction, horror movies, etc.
  • If you've got a video camera, assign someone to be the official "director" of the event, who will film all the guests in candid shots. It would be fun to provide props for the guests to use. If you're really feeling adventurous, you could choose lines from the movie you've selected as the theme, and ask guests to recite them on camera, offering prizes for the best "performances." 

Food ideas for a Lights, Camera Action party might vary depending on what theme you've settled on. One item you'll probably want to have on hand is popcorn, a movie staple and a quick and easy snack that most guests should be able to eat. If the movie you've chosen as your theme doesn't offer a lot of great ideas for meal options, pizza is always a good standby option. 

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