Jewelry-Making Birthday Party

girls at jewelry making party
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Finding themes for birthday parties for teenaged girls can be a challenge, but for younger teen girls, a jewelry-making activity can be a fun, easy option. Make sure you do a little research before you dive in, especially if you and your teen aren't experienced crafters.

Party Set-Up

Have a table set up with the supplies before any guests arrive, and try to have it be separate from where the food will be served.

 Always have extra supplies on hand for experienced crafters who might go through their project more quickly than others, and want to work on a second project.

It's a good idea to focus on one kind of jewelry or one item for everyone to make, so you have a handle on exactly what supplies to get, and how much. While you want your guests to be entertained, you don't want them to get frustrated by a craft idea that's too challenging, or have the activity take up the entire party. Necklaces might be too time-consuming to make, and earrings might not be a good idea since not every teenage girl has her ears pierced. Bracelets are probably the best bet since it ensures a relatively uniform number of supplies and everyone can participate. 

Prep Before the Party

Do a little prep work before the day of the party. Know what materials you're going to use, and what kinds of bracelets or other item you're going to make.

Whether you're going with beaded bracelets or braided ones, make a little kit of supplies for each guest, each with the same amount of beads or craft strings. Have a backup supply of "special" beads or decorations that each guest can use to make her bracelet unique. Decide what kind of craft wire you'll use for the base of the bracelets, and have a measuring tape to measure guests' wrists.

It's probably wise to enlist the help of an experienced crafter (if you're not one yourself), to show you how to affix the clasps to the finished bracelets, and other such small details. And you'll want to make sure you have a few extra supply kits in case a last-minute guest, younger sibling, or family member wants to get in on the fun.

Closing Thoughts

Above all, you want to make sure this is a fun, entertaining activity for your child's birthday party. Try to make sure you have an another adult to help supervise, in case anyone needs assistance, or a little extra guidance. With a little planning and some organization, a jewelry-making party will be a big hit, and will give guests something pretty to take home.

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