Birthday Poems - Sayings for Birthdays

Useful Sayings and Poems for Birthdays

Four teenage girls at birthday party smiling outdoors
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Here is a fun collection of birthday poems and sayings that I've collected for birthday cards, invitations or other birthday crafts.

A Party Guest

I had a birthday party
And a spring breeze came.
It hadn't been invited, but
It joined us just the same.
It slipped in at the window
Just in time to take
Part in blowing out
The candles on my cake.

Like a garden of flowers unfolding
in the morning sun...
may your special day unfold into happiness.

A birthday is a day filled with special joy, a day
that lets you know you're always loved and cherished.

A Birthday Wish

On your birthday
stretch for a sunbeam...
Reach for a star...
Go for a beautiful dream.

Pick out some wishes,
no matter how far,
or how hard to reach
they may seem.

Cherish some hopes
that are dear to your heart.

And as a new year comes in view,
treasure and keep them
and know from the start
that this year
you can make them come true!

Celebrate this day, and embrace all the reasons to believe in wishes again.

Each birthday wish
I've ever made
Really does come true.
Each year I wish
I'll grow some more
And every year
I DO! - Anne Friday

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