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Blooming Bath
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Who could resist a picture of an adorable baby in a super cute bathtub? Not I. The Blooming Bath is a luxurious bath option for those who want to bathe their baby in the sink while giving them the plush sensation of a cuddly pillow to lay on. The bath comes in four colors: turquoise, ivory, canary yellow and hot pink. All but the hot pink are gender neutral. The fabric is soft and comfortable for the baby.

I tried the pillow in three different sinks and because it is so adaptable, it easily fit in all of the sinks. The pillow is best for babies who have a little bit of head control. One thing that I really liked about the Blooming Bath was that it seemed to really hug around my baby and helped him feel secure and warm during his bath. I enjoy using a product that allows me to bathe my baby in the sink. Bending over a tub can be difficult and hard on my back. This product eliminates that problem.

Care & Keep

The Blooming Bath washes well and I simply placed it in my washing machine when it was dirty. This is one of my major pet peeves of hard plastic baby tubs- getting in the small creases to clean the soap and scum out is always so difficult. The company suggests that to dry the bath you should throw it in the dryer for 10 or 15 minutes. This was the biggest downside to the Blooming Bath. At first, I thought I would let it drip dry to conserve energy.

This did not work as three days later it was still soaking wet. The second time I used it I thought it would be wiser of me to go on and follow the company's directions. It took 45 minutes in my dryer to get the Blooming Bath completely dry. Even after wringing it out it was very heavy and soaked with water before the final spin.

My concern was that the inside would be moldy from staying wet for so long.

For storage, since it can be flat, it was easy enough to slip between two cabinets in my bathroom. That's something I certainly couldn't do with a huge bathtub made of plastic.


Right now the bath is available for purchase on the Blooming Bath website, boutiques around the US and at, including the Amazon baby registry. This would make a great gift for someone that already has children and doesn't need much new. It also makes a pretty gift to give at a baby shower, destine to produce a lot of oohs and ahs.

In addition to being a very cute bathtub, my kids enjoyed using the Blooming Bath dry as a floor pillow. They would lay down and read books or watch a movie. It was big enough for both of them to lay their heads on, so no fights, another plus! That makes this a product that you can use after infancy, which is always nice when investing money in baby gear.

Another thing to think about is just how cute this product looks with your baby in it. Don't forget to have your camera around when giving baby a bath in the Blooming Bath, as it really makes a cute picture. You could even use this strictly for a photo op after bath time.

One of my photographer friends wants it when my kids outgrow it.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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