Blue Jean Christmas Stocking Craft

Easy Blue Jean Stocking Craft Project

Blue Jean Christmas Stocking Craft
Denise D. Witmer

This is a pretty straightforward craft for teens and tweens who know how to sew with a sewing machine, and want to make something Christmasy, either for themselves or for a sibling or friend. It repurposes blue jeans that might otherwise not have much use once they're worn out.

For those teens still learning to use a sewing machine, it's probably a good idea to have an adult supervising, to avoid any mishaps and prevent the novice from getting frustrated.

Note: Other materials besides denim can be used for this craft, but you'll want to make sure it's fairly heavy and sturdy, and can bear some weight when items are placed inside the finished stocking.

Gather Your Supplies

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For this teen Christmas stocking craft you will need:

  • Old pair of blue jeans (or other material)
  • Boot template, which you should be able to find online or at a craft store.
  • Scissors
  • Pom-pom ribbon. Red is a good contrasting color for blue denim, but any color you like will do.
  • Felt fabric stickers for decoration (optional)
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and thread
  • Ruler or tape measure

Print, Cut Out the Pattern and Get Sewing!

Blue Jean Christmas Stocking Craft
Denise D. Witmer

Find a boot pattern. Place the pattern at the bottom of an old pair of jeans (make sure there are no holes in the fabric), and trace the boot part. Add 4 inches to the top (or more if you wish) and draw a line, as shown in the picture.

Cut out the pattern in the jeans but do not cut the folded edge. Sew the sides around the boot but not the top and the folded edge.

Sew the Hanger.

Blue Jean Christmas Stocking Craft
Denise D. Witmer

Cut off a belt strap from your old pair of blue jeans and hand sew on the top in a loop for your stocking's hanger (a nice way to repurpose another part of the jeans!). If you're not using jeans, just sew a small loop for a hanging hook from a piece of fabric about four inches long (it will have to be folded in half).

Decorate the Front of the Stocking.

Blue Jean Christmas Stocking Craft
Denise D. Witmer

Take some fabric glue and felt pieces and a strip of pom-pom trim to finish off the details of your stocking and make it look really festive.

Distress the Edges.

Blue Jean Christmas Stocking Craft
Denise D. Witmer

Distress the edges using a brush and pulling at the threads of the blue jeans. You want to give the edges a soft, slightly worn look. Trim any stray threads that are overly long.

Variations of This Christmas Ornament Craft.

Blue Jean Christmas Stocking Craft
Denise D. Witmer


  • Use stencils to paint a design on the front of the stocking.
  • Sew lace around the top of the stocking and ink it to give it an old vintage look.
  • Make school spirit stockings for a fund raiser. Use felt to cut out your school letters and glue them on with fabric glue.

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