Bo Jackson - Hip Subluxation

Bo Jackson
Getty Images

The Athlete:

Bo Jackson was a professional football and baseball player. Not only did he compete in both sports, but he is the only person in history to have been voted an all-star in both the NFL and MLB. In 1985, Jackson won the Heisman Trophy as the best collegiate football player.

The Injury:

In January 1991, Jackson was playing for the Oakland Raiders against the Cincinnati Bengals in a divisional playoff game.

He was running with the ball when he was tackled awkwardly. Jackson apparently stated he felt his hip pop out and then back in to socket. The injury he was diagnosed as having sustained is called a hip subluxation.

The Surgery:

As a result of the hip subluxation, Jackson developed osteonecrosis, a condition that impairs the blood supply to the ball of the ball-and-socket hip joint. Because of the damaged hip, Jackson developed the rapid onset of severe arthritis of the hip joint and underwent hip replacement surgery.

The Recovery:

While Jackson never returned to his preinjury activity level, he was able to play in professional baseball games after his initial injury, and also after his hip replacement recovery. Participation in sports after joint replacement is controversial, but Jackson proved that many activities are possible after this major surgery.

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