Affirmations to Help You Fight Negative Body Image

Your body can do some pretty amazing things

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Many of us are bombarded with negative thoughts about our bodies on a daily basis. This is not surprising given that many products are marketed to us by making us feel there is something wrong with our bodies. Practicing positive affirmations about your body can help you counteract these negative thoughts and potentially help improve a negative body image. The affirmations can be as simple as reminding yourself that you like the color of your eyes, or as challenging as accepting and even loving your curves.

The following list of 38 positive body affirmations is designed to help you start thinking about the things your body has done for you, and how you can begin to counter your own criticisms of your body with positive attributes.

Add to the list (and erase things that don't apply) to create your own, customized list of positive body affirmations to remember and repeat. You might also try to generate one positive body affirmation daily.

Positive Body Affirmations: A Place to Start

These eight affirmations are a great place to start. You might not use all of them (and you don't need to do so), but you should be able to find several affirmations that apply:

  • I like the color of my eyes.
  • I like my smile.
  • I like the way my laugh sounds.
  • My legs carry me places I love to go.
  • I like my hair (color, length, the way it bounces ...)
  • I like my freckles.
  • I like xxx thing about my body that makes me unique (dimples, teeth, etc.)
  • I love my curves.

Your Five Senses Can Do Amazing Things

Many people tend to take their bodies for granted. But the truth is, your five senses (plus your brain) can do some pretty amazing things. Here are some examples (but feel free to write your own):

  • My skin allows me to feel the warmth of the sun.
  • My skin protects my body from the elements.
  • My eyes allow me to see amazing art and natural wonders.
  • My ears allow me to hear my favorite music.
  • My ears allow me to hear the voices of loved ones.
  • My nose allows me to smell flowers/perfumes/candles/foods/etc.
  • My tongue gives me the ability to taste wonderful foods.
  • My brain allows me to read, learn, solve problems and engage in relationships.

Carrying and Nourishing Your Children

When you think about it, these are some of the most wondrous things a female body can accomplish. If you've given birth and nursed a child, consider adding these positive body affirmations to your list:

  • My body allows me to make love.
  • My body has carried and given birth to my children.
  • My breasts have nourished my children.
  • My body allows me to hug loved ones and hold hands with my partner.
  • My thighs are strong enough to carry me to many places.
  • My body can do awesome things.

Don't Take Your Body for Granted

There are always things our bodies can do that we take for granted. Try to give your body the credit it deserves for making you (and your loved ones) happy:

  • I love the way my body feels when I dance.
  • I like the way my body allows me to feel the coziness of my bed.
  • Without my body, I would be unable to enjoy the outdoors.

Your Body Is Real and a Blessing

Your body deserves your love and respect and doesn't deserve unwarranted criticism. Use these affirmations to help yourself remember this:

  • My body is a blessing.
  • I am working to accept things I don’t like about my body.
  • My body allows me a canvas to express myself through fashion, jewelry, and makeup.
  • Numbers on a scale are irrelevant to my worth as a human being.
  • Grey hair and wrinkles are a sign of wisdom and life.