Book Fun for Tweens

Make reading fun with these book-ish activities

Middle School, Reading and Preteens: How to Keep Tweens Motivated to Read
Supplement your child's love for reading with these fun activities. Stockxpert

Many tweens love to read and are eager to pick up a book and enter into a world of possibilities. Other tweens may need a little encouragement. If you have a tween who loves books, or a tween who is a hesitant reader, it might be time to find a few reading related activities to enhance learning and reading fun. Below are a few fun activities to help your child's love for books and storytelling grow even stronger.


Fun Reading Activities for Tweens

Get a Library Card: Libraries are not a thing of the past, just the opposite. Many library systems have found wonderful ways to encourage children to become active members. Allow your tween to get his or her own library card, and look into any activities or programs the library offers that might interest your tween. Many offer reading clubs, or have impressive video game libraries. Whatever interests your tween, your local library is likely to be able to help. 

Make A Bookmark: Crafting can be a fun way to supplement a hobby and tweens are excellent crafters. Have your child make a few bookmarks, one or two to keep, and one or two to give away. Pinterest and other websites offer up many creative ideas for making bookmarks. Give your tween the supplies she needs and see what she can create on her own. Once your tween has mastered the art of bookmarks, have her find fun and creative ways to make book covers for her favorite books.


Find Out About Book Preservation: Book collectors and book enthusiasts know that preserving old books is an art unto itself, and a very challenging and gratifying hobby or career. Have your tween look into how old books are preserved for new generations. Have fun researching titles that are really rare, or that are very valuable.

Find out the difference between a first and second edition book, and what it might mean to an investor. 

Donate Old Books to a Book Drive: You can enhance your child's love for reading and do good at the same time by organizing a book drive. Ask local churches, schools, libraries or shelters if they might benefit from a book drive. Help your tween promote the book drive, and collect for an organization that you support. Look into ways to promote your book drive, and have fun while encouraging others to read. 

Form a Tween Book Club: If your local library doesn't offer a book club for tweens, or if your tween is interested in a club that's very specific (say, just for science fiction fans) then it might be time to get your child excited about creating his own reading club. Find others who are as excited about reading and books as he is and form a tween reading club. This is a great activity for summer break, or for kids who are die hard fans of certain books or authors.

Read to Younger Children: One way to share the love of reading is to include others in your reading journey.

Have your child pick a few favorite stories to read to younger children, such as a younger sibling, a neighbor, or the child of a friend of the family. Have your tween pick books that are appropriate for the child's age, and maybe even an activity or two that they can do afterwards. 

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