Book Review: Body-for-LIFE for Women

Body for Life for Women

The Bottom Line

Overall, this is an excellent book for all women, focusing not just on losing fat, but creating a healthy, balanced life based on realistic fitness goals and expectations. Dr. Peeke provides great information about the different stages women experience, how we change over time and how to change our eating and exercise programs to fit where we are in life.


  • The focus on mind and body helps women embrace exercise for more than just a tool for fat loss
  • Detailed pictures and instructions for strength and flexibility exercises
  • An emphasis on dealing with daily stressors and creating a healthy, balanced life
  • Her sound nutritional advice explains women's physiology and how that affects weight loss


  • Emphasis on strength training may intimidate new exercisers


  • Dr. Peeke offers A 12-week exercise and diet program for women to get healthy and fit
  • Her holistic approach offers tools for both mind and body, emphasizing balance and self-care
  • The program is based on women's physiology and her specific nutritional and exercise needs
  • The eating program is based on making smart choices, like whole grains instead of processed carbs
  • The exercise program encourages heavier weights to challenge the muscles, build strength and lose fat

The Basics

You've probably heard of Body for Life by Bill Phillips and now Dr. Peeke offers the same program for women, focusing on the unique issues women face in becoming healthy and fit.

Dr. Peeke takes a holistic approach to fitness that includes a healthy mind, a nourishing diet and a solid exercise program to fit the milestones in your life, from puberty to post-menopause. I love how the book is organized so that you can go right to the time frame that fits where you are.

The tools and techniques are specific to those milestones, detailing our changing needs in each stage of life.

The mind portion offers some basic principles and tools to deal with stress, exercise obstacles, balancing caregiving with self-care and other issues unique to busy women.

The nutritional sections offers a simple eating program designed to help women choose 'Smart' foods to provide essential nutrients, as well as a blank food diary to track your eating.

I love that the exercise plan focuses on strength training, something many women are missing in their workouts.  We often focus on cardio, but as Dr. Peeke suggests, the strength training is where the results really lie and it's what keeps us healthy and strong throughout our lives.

The exercise plan includes strength training 2-3 times a week and 30 minutes of cardio for 3-5 days a week, emphasizing quality, quantity, and frequency. The exercises are classic moves that most people will recognize and the workouts are well thought out.

The remainder of the book offers descriptions and pictures of strength exercises along with a 12-week training schedule.

Overall, this is an excellent book for all women, focusing not just on losing fat, but creating a healthy, balanced life based on realistic goals and expectations. I love her down to earth approach and casual tone.

  The exercise and eating programs are realistic and the success stories peppered throughout the book offer more motivation to make these simple lifestyle changes. This is one book I'll definitely keep!

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