Natural Relief for Adult ADHD

Book cover.

In her book, Natural Relief for Adult ADHD, author Stephanie Sarkis looks at complementary ways to treat and manage your ADHD. Stephanie is adjunct assistant professor and clinical trials investigator at Florida Atlantic University. She also writes at Psychology Today and the Huffington Post. This is Stephanie’s fifth book on ADHD. Other titles include 10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD, ADD and Your Money, A Guide to Personal Finance for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder.

And Making the Grade with ADD: A Student's Guide to Succeeding in College with Attention Deficit Disorder.

How the book is structured

The book has 12 chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to one topic. The first two chapters give an overview of ADHD and ADHD medication. The next ten chapters are focused on holistic strategies to help your ADHD such as exercise, brain games and neurofeedback, supplements and healthy eating.  Each chapter has a summary at the end.

Writing style

The writing style is clear, easy to understand and practical. There are lots of headings and bullet points which makes it easy to focus on the text as well as digest the content. This format also makes it easy and quick to find information if you are using it as reference book. 

The best thing

Treating ADHD can be a controversial topic as there are often strong and opposing viewpoints. Some people are anti ADHD medication and pro alternative methods.

Others think ADHD medication is the only way to treat ADHD and are highly skeptical of alternative ways. Stephanie’s book offers a bridge between those two worlds. Using a balanced and logical approach, the author addresses medication and natural ways to treat ADHD.  This helps you to know you don’t have to pick sides, you simply get to choose what methods work best for you and your ADHD.

Other good things

Having a guide to the most effective natural ways to treat ADHD takes the confusion out of this complex topic.  It helps you to pick options strategically that seem best suited for you.  Stephanie lets you know the approximate cost, whether a treatment is covered by medical insurance and, where applicable, the time investment too.

Stephanie’s work is very well researched.  While Natural Relief for Adult ADHD is written in easy to understand language, if you want to delve deeper into a subject and read a research paper, the references are cited and easy to navigate.

The book is much more than a compilation of research. The author understands the subtleties of ADHD. For example when writing about exercise and individual and team sports she suggests you look at the coaches’ style. Do they focus on the positive? If they do that is good, as people with ADHD respond well to positive reinforcement.  Does the coach give lengthy verbal instructions? If so, this typically isn’t good for someone with ADHD. It might seem obvious after reading the suggestion, but we don’t always think of these helpful hints on our own!

Often when we think of ‘natural’ treatments we have images of obscure remedies.

However, this book is full of practical suggestions. For example, one of the chapters is devoted to accommodations. Accommodations are where you customize your school, work or home environment to help you perform your best. 

If you are looking for clear and easy-to-understand explanations of this complex topic, I recommend this book.

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