Book Review: The Low-FODMAP Diet Cookbook

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The Low-FODMAP Diet Cookbook is Dr. Sue Shepherd's follow-up to The Complete Low-FODMAP Diet, a book she co-authored with Peter Gibson, M.D. In this book, she only briefly discusses the science behind the diet before offering a wide variety of mouth-watering recipes. As Dr. Shepherd is one of the originators of the low-FODMAP diet, diet followers can enjoy all of these sumptuous dishes with the full confidence that no unwanted digestive symptoms will result.

Although the diet is not explained in the detail that it is in her first book, Dr. Shepherd does a nice job of summarizing the diet in an easy-to-understand manner. She also offers a brief discussion as to how the diet might be helpful to individuals who suffer from either celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and who continue to experience digestive symptoms even when their main diagnosis has been well-addressed medically.

The recipes in the book range from simple to gourmet and include breakfast options, light meals, salads, soups, fish, chicken and beef entrees, and lots of decadent-looking desserts. Gorgeous photography showcases many of the recipes and will certainly motivate you to head right into your kitchen!

About the Author

Sue Shepherd, Ph.D. is a dietitian, researcher, and writer who specializes in food intolerance. She is the original creator of the diet - the only diet that has research support as an effective treatment for IBS.


Strong Points

  • Offers a wide variety of recipe options.
  • Includes simple as well as more complex recipes.
  • All recipes are gluten-free as well as low in FODMAPs.
  • Includes substitutions for vegetarian and vegan eaters.
  • Photographs are stunning!
  • The inclusion of comfort foods, as well as restaurant-worthy options, make the diet seem less restrictive and daunting.


    • The book offers very little information as to how to follow the diet since that topic is covered in her previous book.

    Is This Book for You?

    If you are following the low-FODMAP diet, this book is a must-have. You will be able to cook with full confidence that you have the blessing of the diet's founder in terms of the appropriateness of the foods that you will be eating. 

    High FODMAP ingredients make up a large proportion of foods typically eaten and served in Western cuisine. Garlic, onions, and wheat are seemingly everywhere! In order to maintain good compliance with the diet - and to experience the symptom relief offered by the diet - you will be safest cooking your own foods. The Low-FODMAP Diet cookbook will serve you well as a trusted guide.

    Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher.