Books About Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Dealing With Addiction and Recovery

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For those who are dealing with alcoholism or drug abuse, either their own or that of someone they know, it is important to learn as much as possible in order to understand and deal with the problem. These books about alcoholism and drug abuse have helped millions gain a better understanding of substance abuse and the nature of addiction.

Classic Recovery Books
These are the books that have become standards for those recovering from the life-altering effects of alcoholism and substance abuse, whether they are those who are trying to stop, their family members, or those who have grown up in dysfunctional homes.

More Recovery Books
These newer books about recovery help addicts and alcoholics get through the early days of sobriety. They explain what to expect in the early days and help families deal with loved ones' struggle with alcoholism and addiction.

Books for Adult Children of Alcoholics
These books offer insight into the characteristics adult children who have grown up in alcoholic or other dysfunctional families typically develop. If this is you, or someone you love, you'll find the practical advice for learning how to make healthy decisions useful as you work to lead, or help someone lead a more healthy life, functionally and emotionally.

Books About Drug Addiction
What is addiction? How does it develop? Why can't they just stop? These books define drug addiction, explain how someone develops an addiction and offer a wide variety of views on how drug addiction can be prevented and overcome from scientific, spiritual and alternative perspectives.

Books About Cocaine and Cocaine Addiction
Learn more about the political and cultural history of cocaine and the devastating effects it has had on the lives of those who abuse it, and explore the most effective treatment and relapse prevention strategies.

Books about Heroin
These writers trace the history of heroin use and its effect on society and culture.

They include personal experiences of heroin addicts, and describe how many of them found their way out of the seeming hopelessness of addiction.

Books About Methamphetamine
Researchers explore the history of methamphetamine use in the United States and the devastating effects it can have on people who become addicted to it, their families and their communities. These books also provide practical tips for dealing with addiction to meth and overcoming the damage it can cause in the community.