Top 10 Books about Becoming a Doctor

Becoming a Pediatrician

Books to help you make the decision about becoming a doctor and going to medical school. Learn what medical school and being a doctor is like.

Becoming a Doctor

Becoming a Doctor
'A Journey of Initiation in Medical School' for a non-traditional medical student (second career) who criticizes the way medical students are currently trained.

The Intern Blues

The Intern Blues
'The Timeless Classic About the Making of a Doctor' following the diaries of three interns, their struggles and experiences.

Singular Intimacies

Essays about 'Becoming a Doctor at Bellevue' and the authors journey from medical student through internship and residency.

White Coat

Becoming A Doctor At Harvard Medical School

Medical School Admissions

'The Insider's Guide' to getting into medical school.

Becoming a Physician

'A Practical and Creative Guide to Planning a Career in Medicine' with information on medical school admission practices, the MCAT, and how to pick the right medical school for you.

Complete Book of Medical Schools

Learn everything you want to know about a medical school that you may be interested in applying to.

The Complete Medical School Preparation and Admissions Guide

This 'popular book includes everything one needs to know about medical school preparation and successful admissions' including 'medical and premedical curriculums, the MCAT, study and test-taking skills, medical school interview, minority admissions, extracurricular activities, financial aid, alternate health careers, high school preparation, medical school selectivity.... '

A Not Entirely Benign Procedure

Learn about the author's experiences during her 'Four Years As a Medical Student'.

House of God

Although last, this book is certainly not least and is a must read. It is 'The Classic Novel of Life and Death in an American Hospital', and is a very funny book about life as an intern.

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