Books About Meth and Methamphetamine Addiction

How It Began, How It Destroys

These books explore the history of methamphetamine use in the United States and the devastating effects it can have on people who become addicted to it, their families and their communities. They also provide practical tips for dealing with addiction to meth and overcoming the damages it can cause in the community.

American Meth - A History of the Methamphetamine Epidemic in America

American Meth
American Meth.

Sterling R. Braswell, a former consultant for Microsoft whose own life has been affected by the drug, writes a revealing history of the development of methamphetamine and the role meth has played behind the scenes in American history. Braswell lists many famous people who have used the drug and how it is the backbone of many other abused drugs, including Ritalin and Ecstasy.

No Speed Limit - The Highs and Lows of Meth

In order to write this account of the rise in the popularity of methamphetamine, author Frank Owen went on a four-day meth binge himself for research purposes and finds how difficult it is to withdraw from the drug. Owen relays stories of people whose lives have been devastated by meth but also cites statistics that suggest its use is not the "epidemic" the media makes it out to be.

More, Now, Again - A Memoir of Addiction

Elizabeth Wurtzel, the author of the best-seller Prozac Nation, describes her use of Ritalin and how it grew from therapeutic use to a raging addiction. Wurtzel offers a vivid account of what it's like to be addicted and to go through rehab. Her brutally honest account also offers hope, as she reveals how she was able to overcome her addiction and learn how to love life again.

Beautiful Boy - A Father's Journey Through His Son's Meth Addiction

Successful journalist David Sheff describes in detail the effect on him and his family when his 17-year-old son began a descent into methamphetamine addiction. Outlining his own cycle through denial, acceptance, and resistance, he also chronicles the ups and downs his son experiences when trying to find recovery. The book reveals the wisdom Sheff and his son gained through their mistakes and successes.

Suicide Tuesday - Gay Men and the Crystal Meth Scare

Duncan Osborne's look at methamphetamine in the gay community recommends educational programs to reduce risks for social users of the drug and treatment for chronic users. But some have criticized the book because Duncan spends most of his effort in trying to convince readers that meth isn't all that dangerous and downplaying the role that it has played in the spread of the HIV virus.

Overcoming Crystal Meth Addiction - An Essential Guide to Getting Clean

Unlike other books aimed at professional counselors, Dr. Steven Lee wrote this comprehensive guide to crystal meth for a general audience it hopes of reaching those who are personally dealing with meth addiction themselves or a loved one. Dr. Lee describes the physical and psychological effects of the drug and how they can be understood and overcome.

The Methamphetamine Crisis-Strategies to Save Addicts, Families and Communities

What can communities do to curtail the damages caused by a high rate of methamphetamine use? Herbert C. Covey explains the effects that addiction to meth has on those who use the drug, their children, their communities and the environment. The books offer strategies for combating specific situations that can arise in the methamphetamine subculture.

Iced - The Crystal Meth Epidemic

Author Jerry Langton paints a bleak picture of the progression of the use of methamphetamine in the United States, describing it as a "frighteningly addictive" drug that hooks 98 percent of even first-time users. Langton explores the fallout of the increase in meth addicts, who will do anything -- rob, steal, kill and prostitute themselves -- to get more meth.

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