Books About Penguins

Who doesn't love those waddling flightless birds, the penguins?  Even before the movie "Happy Feet" came out, many children found those creatures adorable and wanted to learn more about them. If your child is among those who find them cute and interesting, you might want to get her one or more of these books.

Penguin Chick

Penguin Chick
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This book is part of the series Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science. Illustrated with paintings in colors perfect for winter scenes, the book covers the life of a penguin from egg to adult. The text is easy to understand and is designed to keep young kids involved in the story. At the end of a book is a section that provides information about five species of penguins and provides two activities kids are sure to want to try out: walking and tobogganing like penguins!

Ages 4 to 8

National Geographic Children's Books Penguins!

National Geographic Penguins
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This book from National Geographic provides plenty of fascinating facts about penguins, such as these: there are seventeen different species of penguins; penguins lay at least two eggs, but only one survives; the smallest penguin is called the Fairy Penguin, while the largest is called the Emperor Penguin.

National Geographic supports K-12 educators with ELA Common Core Resources.

Ages 5 to 8

Penguins -Smithsonian

Penguins Smithsonian
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This book about penguins is by Seymour Simon, a man who the New York Times has called "the dean of the [children's science book] field. In it, Simon explains the world of penguins. Most people are aware that penguins can't fly, but how many know that penguins spend 75% of their lives in water?  And if penguins can't fly, why are they called birds? Because they have feathers! It doesn't always look like they have them, but they do!  The book also discusses how they manage to swim as fast as they do, what they eat, and why it's important to protect their habitats. A website and additional reading sources are also provided.

Ages 5 to 9

Dk Readers Emperor Penguins

DK Reader - Emperor Penguins
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DK books are great for gifted kids. They are always packed with information and beautiful pictures and illustrations. This book is no different.  Kids are sure to love the photographs and enjoy learning about penguins through this book.

Ages 6 to 8

Penguins - Scholastic

Scholastic Discover More: Penguins
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Kids will learn all about penguins in this book, well beyond anything they may have learned from movies, TV, and games featuring these birds. They will learn about the seventeen different species of penguins, as well as how they eat, sleep, walk, swim, and even talk!  It also explains how penguins care for their eggs and chicks. Beautiful photos and graphics illustrate the information provided.

Ages 7 and up

Penguins of the World

Penguins of the World
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This book was written by Wayne Lynch, who spent 18 years traveling around the world to study and photograph each of the seventeen species of penguin. He covers all that a curious child would want to know about penguins: their anatomy, egg and chick development, mating and feeding habits, their predators, their habitats, and more. He even covers climate change and changes in the food levels of these animals.  The book is illustrated with on-location photographs that capture penguins in a wide variety of activities and behaviors.

Included in the book is a list of additional reading resources. It is a book meant for older readers, young adults and up.

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