Books for Kids About the American Revolution

Many revolutions have taken place in countries around the world throughout history, but for me, the American Revolution is the most fascinating one. There was no evil, oppressive ruler to rebel against. In fact, at the time British citizens were the freest people in the world. So what were the American colonists so upset about that they were willing to risk their property and their lives for? You child can learn about the Revolution and the founding of America by reading some good books about the Revolution and those who participated in it.

This book is from the Colonists' perspective, so it can help children understand how they viewed events of the day that led them to seek independence from England. It covers the twenty years before the Revolution, covering the major events starting with the Stamp Act. It ends with the peace treaty after the defeat of the British at Yorktown. The book also covers the main ideas of the time, which were critical to the quest for independence. It is a book of the Revolution, so it contains quite a bit about military campaigns and strategies - with maps to help keep it all straight. This book is an excellent introduction to the Revolution and the men and ideas behind it.

One thing that people forget is that to the British, George Washington and the other colonists rebels were traitors. Had they lost the war, they would have been hanged for treason. So what did the British think about the colonists and their demands? This book looks at both history from both the British and the American perspectives. It makes no judgments about which side was the "good" side. It makes use of some wonderful illustrations and quotations from the era, but readers have to guess which side it came from! There is also a comparison of the two methods of government and discussion of importance concepts like "no taxation without representation." The recommended age for this book is 9 and up, but kids as young as 6 will find this book interesting, especially if they like history or learning about America.

Does your child enjoy learning through hands-on activities? Or maybe he just enjoys enriching his learning through activities. In either case, this book not only provides lots of information about the American Revolution, it also has numerous activities to help kids understand what life was like during the Revolutionary Era. Kids can learn about the main characters of the era, the causes of the Revolution, and the founding of the new American government. To get into the full sense of the times, kids can make a fringed shirt such as those worn by frontiersmen, learn to dance the minuet, make root beer, and re-enact the Battle of Cowpens, the battle that helped the Americans win the war. The book has short biographies of the significant players of the time and a list of Web sites where kids can find more information. Ages 9 and up

I love DK Eyewitness books. They are packed with information and full of beautiful illustrations and photos. Kids can not just read about "red coats," they can see a photo of the red coats worn by the British. They can see other photos too: a musket, Washington's sword, the Liberty Bell, and the Declaration of Independence. They will learn all about how France was instrumental in helping the Americans win their freedom from Britain and much more. They can also learn about things they probably won't find in most other books on the Revolutionary War, like how soldiers were drilled in preparation for battle. Ages 8 and up


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