Must Have Books for Parents: Teenage Pregnancy Issues

Whether you have a teen who is pregnant, trying to prevent teenage pregnancy within our youth or helping teenage parents, these books can help.

Surviving Teen Pregnancy : Your Choices, Dreams, and Decisions

Girl holding a pregnancy test
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From the author, Shirley M. Arthur: "Writing this book was healing for me and for my family. I want to connect to young single mothers who are struggling with self-esteem, identity, with financial issues, and above all struggling to make the right choices for themselves and their children."

Books, Babies and School-Age Parents : How to Teach Pregnant and Parenting Teens

A simple, practical, comprehensive, and timely blueprint designed for successful teen parenting programs. It is written from the teacher's point of view, those new to the field of teaching teen parents as well as experienced teachers. Personal experiences, anecdotes, teaching strategies, materials and resources are included in each chapter.

Teen Moms : The Pain & the Promise Student Workbook

An invaluable resource for facts and ideas for action that should be of interest to young people and adults who work with them. The text represents two years of interviews with 50 teens who were either pregnant or had children, as well as excellent background research on the subject.

The Youngest Parents : Teenage Pregnancy As It Shapes Lives

Prominent child psychiatrist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Coles asks us to shed our preconceptions and listen to the compelling voices of young women and men who are soon to become parents though barely out of childhood themselves.

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