7 Books To Help Prepare Your Child For Preschool

Books are a great way to help your kid prepare for preschool

Starting preschool is a big step for a child. For many children, preschool is the first time they are separating from a parent or caregiver. It is a good idea for parents to help prepare their child for this new experience with books on the topic. For a few weeks before school begins, spend time reading books about school with your child and be ready to answer questions and calm fears.

Here are 7 great preschool preparation books that range in topics from: coping with separation anxiety, getting excited to make new friends and learning what activities and schedules to expect when they go to preschool. 


The Kissing Hand is an adorable story about Chester raccoon, who is nervous about going to school. His mother kisses his palm and tells him that whenever he feels lonely, he can press his hand to his cheek and his mom will be with him all day, even when she is physically away. This is a must read for any child entering daycare or preschool or a child who is struggles with goodbyes.


Llama Llama Misses Mama is about little Llama on his first day of school. At the beginning of the day, Llama is sad and misses his mamma. By the end of the day, Llama has made new friends and has learned how much fun school can be. This story is great for teaching about the schedule of the school day, and for discussing what to do when we miss someone. 


I Love You All Day Long is a humorous and affectionate book about Owen, whose anxiously asks how he will survive a whole day of school without his mom. His mom reassures him that parent's love stays with a child whether they are together or apart -- all day long.


What to Expect at Preschool is a kid's guide written by the author of "What to Expect When You're Expecting." Angus, the lovable Answer Dog, is there as a guide to answer your child's questions about preschool. By responding to questions like “What’s preschool?” and “What will my classroom look like?” Angus will give your child the basic information he needs to understand what to expect on his first day.


Bye-Bye Time is a great book about saying a temporary goodbye to a loved one. The book addresses all the feelings and emotions that a child may experience upon parting, as well as helps to introduce coping mechanisms for your child to enact. And, because this lovable little character is going through the same thing, your child has something to relate to. 


Daniel Tiger Goes To School is perfect for Daniel Tiger fans. Daniel Tiger is excited to go to school, but he’s not happy that his dad can’t stay at school with him. Daniel learns that “grown-ups come back” and has lots of fun with his teacher and classmates. The book and PBS episode share a song that "grownups come back.


Maisy Goes to Preschool teaches children about all the fun activities they will do in preschool and the joy of making new friends. This book will help get your child excited about starting school and can help to ease anxieties about school by focusing on the positives.


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