10 Books to Read With Siblings

How to Prepare Siblings for Baby's Arrival

There's a lot to expect while you're expecting, like preparing your older child who is about to become a big brother or sister. When a new baby is on the way, ready your soon-to-be sibling with books written just for them. These ten books explain what will happen once baby is home and help older children learn how to cope with feelings of jealousy and confusion.

"I'm a Big Sister" by Joanna Cole

"What to Expect When Mommy's Having a Baby" by Heidi Murkoff. Google Images/diapers.com

This book helps big sisters learn the advantages of being an older sibling and gives them ideas on how to help with baby care once the new baby is home. It is written in a positive way to help older children view the experience as a warm and loving time instead of one fraught with confusion.

"I'm a Big Brother" by Joanna Cole

This is the companion book to "I'm a Big Sister." It is written in the same easy-to-read manner with an equally positive spin for big brothers.

"Welcome With Love" by Jenni Overend

This is a beautiful book for families who have or will be experiencing a home delivery with siblings present. The pictures are warm and inviting, and information about the birthing process is shared in an honest yet gentle way.

"The Berenstain Bears' New Baby" by Stan & Jan Berenstain

This book is part of the classic Berenstain Bears series. Like other books in the series, this book presents information from the perspective of the child. It offers a way to work through feelings and reassures siblings that their parents will always be there for them, love them and help them through tough situations.

"Baby on the Way" by William Sears

Written by William Sears, M.D., an author and baby care expert, Martha Sears, R.N. and Christie Watts Kelly, this book gives older siblings a realistic view of what to expect once baby has arrived and helps them sort through feelings they may be experiencing as they wait. This book is written in a style that is especially helpful for those parents who practice attachment parenting.

"What Baby Needs" by William Sears

This is another great book from the Sears Children's Library that helps older siblings learn basic baby care and teaches ways they can help meet the needs of the baby with parents and other caregivers.

"Arthur's New Baby Book" by Marc Brown

Children who are already familiar with the beloved Arthur character will enjoy this book. It is packed with information and includes baby care tips, games and "lift the flap" activities that reinforce more than 20 new baby terms.

"What to Expect When Mommy's Having a Baby" by Heidi Murkoff

Author Heidi Murkoff tells us all what to expect when we're expecting and what to expect in the first year. Now she provides the same informative style in this book that can be enjoyed by siblings-to-be.

"Frog Face: My Little Sister & Me" by John Schindel

Your child will surely identify with this story about a new baby who does little more than eat, sleep and cry. The older sibling has some choice names for baby, but eventually realizes that she's not so bad after all. The pictures in this book realistically portray the situations involved and children are sure to want to look at them again and again.

"I Used to Be the Baby" by Robin Ballard

This is a touching story about a young boy and his new sibling. He's always trying, always there when his mother needs a helping hand and is genuinely happy about having a new brother. Deep down inside, though, he misses being a baby and all the baby perks he used to enjoy.

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