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Eco-Friendly Tablets to Clean Your Bottle or Camelbak

Bottle Bright
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I am a big proponent of reusable water bottles vs. disposable and I use a Camelbak on my longer walking workouts. But bottles and hydration bladders can be difficult to clean -- you can't just put them in the dishwaher and be sure the soap and rinse gets to where it needs to go. While you can handwash bottles, you need a different technique for cleaning hydration bladders thoroughly.

Bottle Bright tablets are convenient to use to clean your bottles, bladders and jugs you reuse for water. They leave your water vessels clean and odor-free.


Wipe Out the Cling-ons

I am pretty lazy about cleaning my hydration bladders and water bottles. As a microbiology technologist, I know that's not a good thing. But often it takes seeing visible dirt and algae-like swamps to get me to motivated to give them something other than a quick rinse.

A big part of that laziness is that the Camelbak Cleaning Tablets leave a chlorine taste behind, as does the laboratory standard of using a dilute bleach solution. The chlorine really gets rid of fungus and bacteria, but you are left with the nasty flavor for weeks, or forever. I've also used denture cleaning tablets, but they usually have a fresh minty flavor that they leave behind. I just want unflavored water.


Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

The Bottle Bright tablets are very convenient.

Just fill your bottle or water bladder with warm water and plop in a tablet. Let it fizz for five minutes to dissolve. Then mix it up and let it soak for ten minutes. Then rinse. Your water vessel is now clean and odor-free. No chlorine smell or flavor.

If you had a lot of residue build-up in your bottle, you might have to let it soak longer.

In the case of a moldy travel mug, I had to give it a light scrub with a sponge to remove the final remnants of the colonies that had taken up residence.

If you use your bottles or Camelbak for sports drink or use water flavorings, you can't be lazy like me, you need to rinse it thoroughly after each use and sanitize it weekly. The sugars in sports drinks are candy to bacteria and mold.

Bottle Bright works well for travel mugs. If you are addicted to lattes, your mug could probably use a good sanitizing as the protein in the milk or cream can also turbocharge bacterial and fungal growth.

I have several brightly painted coffee mugs that shouldn't go through the dishwasher as the harsh detergents will dull them. Bottle Bright is a good way to get them clean when handwashing isn't enough to get rid of the coffee stains.


Clean Ethics

The company that produces Bottle Bright is Clean Ethics. The formula is chlorine-free, non-toxic and biodegradable. It uses gentle activated oxygen (from sodium carbonate peroxide) and organic surfactants to do the cleaning.

The developers are mountain bikers who wanted to clean their grimy water bottles but didn't want the nasty chlorine taste left behind.

They realize that what is an inconvenience for those of us in the developed world is a big health concern in the developing world.

Imagine carrying water from already-questionable water sources in jerry cans and jugs without a good way to clean them. The company has a mission to provide a water-container sanitizing solution worldwide. For every package of Bottle Bright sold, they donate as much product to a developing country with their Clean in Kind initiative.


Bottom Line on Bottle Bright

These tablets work as advertised. I cleaned my water bottles, hydration bladder, travel mugs and coffee mugs that couldn't go in the dishwasher. All were left sparkling and odor-free. This is a product I will be using in the future.

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