Boutique-Style Home Workout Video Reviews

Scope Out the Details Before You Buy

Today's home fitness DVDs are a long cry from the DVDs of years past. You can replicate some of your favorite boutique fitness experiences, such as barre, group cycling, or Bollywood dance, by simply picking up a DVD. The trick is to choose DVDs that are flexible, fun, and suitable for your fitness level. Check out a few of the boutique-style home fitness DVDs we've reviewed, and bookmark this page for future reference.

Cuerpaso Natural Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck Review

Kicking the ball around during Cuerpaso. Laura Williams

I desperately wanted to like this Brazilian dance and soccer-inspired workout - it sounded like something right up my alley. Unfortunately, I hated it. It wasn't even the workout itself I didn't enjoy, but the instructor whose chauvinistic and arrogant remarks completely overshadowed the workout itself. Rather than buy this DVD (or any by this instructor), pick up a soccer ball and make up your own soccer workout. Trust me - you'll be better off.

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Doonya: A Bollywood Dance Workout

Doonya DVD screenshot. Laura Williams

If you love Indian music, Bollywood dance, and a tough workout routine, you'll love Doonya. I tested out three of the Doonya DVDs, and found them to be engaging, fun, and perfect for all ability levels. The instruction was clear, and the movements were easy enough even for someone with two left feet to catch on.

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Amenzone Rebel: Serious Home-Based Training

Amenzone Fitness

If you're looking for a serious home workout, you can't go wrong with the Amenzone Rebel DVDs. These workouts are hardcore. You'll find yourself huffing, puffing, and sweating your way through an hour of boot camp-style moves. The demonstrations are clear, but sometimes the verbal instruction is lacking. To make the moves even harder, supplement the DVDs with a tire - you can purchase one from Amenzone, or use one you have sitting in your garage (just make sure you wash it before you bring it inside).

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The Masala Bhangra Workout

Masala Bhangra

For another Bollywood-style dance workout, consider the Masala Bhangra DVDs. The difference between the Masala Bhangra DVDs and the Doonya DVDs is intent. The Doonya DVDs are more focused on the workout - each song is a different dance routine that, when combined, adds up to a serious workout. The Masala Bhangra DVDs are more focused on the dance - each entire routine is building up to a full dance - the moves are broken down and repeated over and over to create a dance you perform in full at the end of the workout.

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BarreAmped Boot Camp Review

BarreAmped Boot Camp DVD. BarreAmped

Barre-style dance workouts are hot, hot, hot, and there are lots of DVDs available to bring the barre craze home. The BarreAmped Boot Camp DVD separates itself from some of the other DVDs on the market by combining small, isolating movements with larger movements that take your muscle groups through their full range of motion.

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POUNDing Yourself Into Shape With the POUND Girls

Beating the imaginary drum. Laura Williams

If you want a truly fun home workout that brings the boutique studio to you, don't miss out on the POUND DVDs. By bringing the POUND girls into your home, you'll drum your way through a tough, full-body routine, This is by far one of my personal favorite home fitness DVD systems.

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Wimberlean DVD Review


This band-based workout pulls from Jason Wimberley's experience as a professional dancer and his work as a celebrity trainer. The workout is a little dance, a little Pilates and a lot tough. Expect the slow movements to make your muscles burn!

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Gaiam's Athletic Yoga Series

yoga for sstrength

Calling all guys! Gaiam's Athletic Yoga series of DVDs features instruction by top yogis and demonstrations by professional athletes including Kevin Love and Eddie George. These DVDs take you through movements at a slower pace and with more modifications, perfect for any guy just testing the waters of yoga.

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Groov3 by Benjamin Allen DVD

groov3 dvd

For anyone who wants to learn to dance first, with the added benefit of a workout second, the Groov3 DVD by Benjamin Allen is the perfect solution. Each movement is broken down and performed slowly, making it easy to catch on before being sped up to a workout-level pace.

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Before Buying a Workout DVD

The good news about home workout DVDs is that they're a relatively inexpensive investment to make. The downside is that they never change - doing the same routine over and over can be downright boring. The key is to start cultivating a robust and well-rounded DVD collection that you can cycle through without getting bored. That's why I love the new boutique-style DVDs - you can do a POUND DVD on Monday, a kickboxing DVD on Tuesday, a barre DVD on Wednesday and a boot camp DVD on Thursday, all while staying excited and interested in your workout. Before purchasing a DVD, ask yourself whether it compliments or detracts from your other DVDs. If you love a particular instructor, go ahead and buy more DVDs by that instructor, but try to choose workouts that are different from what you have on hand. For instance, if you have a Jillian Michaels kickboxing DVD, the next Jillian Michaels DVD you purchase should be a yoga or weight training workout.

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