10 Boxing and Kickboxing Must-Haves

Gear for Guys & Gals

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When you want a toughness boost, there's no better place to go than a boxing or kickboxing class. Classes at gyms like 9Round and Title Boxing Club are challenging and motivating. Just make sure your gear passes the "toughness" test - it should be moisture wicking, easy to move around in, and attractive, to boot.

Your Own Gloves

City Sports

Some boxing clubs and gyms will loan out boxing gloves to newbies, but to me that's a little like renting bowling shoes - you never know how well they've been sanitized, and you don't know who wore them last. If you plan on attending more than one class, go ahead and ante up for your own set of gloves, like the gender-neutral 12-ounce pro style EverlastĀ gloves ($30) available at City Sports.

Wrist Wraps

City Sports

Not every boxing gym requires wrist wraps, but they do help provide stability to your wrists during all that high-impact punching. They're not all that expensive, and they can be machine washed, so why not pick up a set? These black wraps by Everlast cost just $7 at City Sports.

Jump Rope

Dick's Sporting Goods

If you're exercising at a gym, you'll probably have access to jump ropes you can use at the facility, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy your own. They're inexpensive, great for cross-training and cardio, and as you get better, your boxing-related skills, like agility, coordination and speed, will all improve. Grab a speed rope like the Harbinger X4 ($25) available at Dick's Sporting Goods.

Women: A Great Sports Bra


Girls, you're going to be bobbing and weaving through a tough, high-impact upper body workout - you don't want your girls to be bobbing and weaving, too. Invest in a quality sports bra, like the C9 Champion Molded Cup Sports Bra for just $20 from Target.

Performance Leggings

C9 by Champion

When it comes to clothing for boxing and kickboxing class, you want to choose items that are breathable and moisture-wicking. You'll be working up a sweat throughout your class, so you don't want to feel soaked or confined. A solid running tight, like the C9 Champion Women's Running Knee Legging ($25) is a great option.

Women: Close-Fitting Top


Close-fitting tops are best during boxing and kickboxing classes because they allow lots of freedom of movement in the upper body. Almost any quality, moisture-wicking tank or tee will work, but I love the price and the style of the C9 Champion Training Tank ($15). With 13 colorways available, you can stock up on gear without breaking the bank.

Men: Breathable Athletic Shorts

Levitation Activewear

If you're taking a class at your local gym, you might not want to show up wearing official boxing shorts. Instead, choose something "boxing short adjacent," like the breathable, wicking and stylish Levitation Shorts ($53) from Levitation Activewear.

Men: A Moisture-Wicking Top

Levitation Activewear

Just like the ladies, men should choose tops that are close-fitting, wicking and allow lots of upper body movement for boxing. The Levitation Tank ($50) is the perfect pairing for the Levitation Shorts, also available at Levitation Activewear.

Women: A Tough Tee

Trustee Apparel

Granted, it may not be perfect for boxing class, but a tough graphic tee is the perfect item to change into after class is over. Trust me, you're going to want to get out of your sweaty clothes, and you'll be feeling so pumped that you'll want the world to see just what a strong, sexy woman you are. I love this "I Move Weight" Sleeveless Poncho from Trustee Apparel ($65).

Men: An Equally Tough Tee

Trustee Apparel

Guys, same thing. When it's time to change out of your sweaty clothes, you'll want to change into something stylish, comfortable, and with a bit of edge. Grab the NYC (Concrete Collection) Tee from Trustee Apparel for $70.

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