Boy/Girl Twin Name Combinations

Newborn twins in blankets
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When you find out you are having twins, baby names are something that you probably start to think about fairly quickly. Many people have considered what they would name twins of the same sex (boy/boy or girl/girl), but when you find out that you have boy/girl twins, it can be a bit more interesting when it comes to names. Grab your baby name books and get started!

Do you stick with similar names to accentuate the twinship?

(Allie and Alex) Do you choose names with the same first letter (Fred and Fiona) or same first sound (Celia and Sam)? There are many options, but ultimately most parents of twins say that it really depends on how the names sound together. I have identical (monozygotic) twin daughters and I've spent a lot of time with other twin parents through my work in pregnancy as well as the Mothers of Twins Club locally and around the country. Here's what I heard for suggestions when I asked about naming boy/girl twins.

  1. Lucille and Hudson

    These are both strong, stand alone names. Together they have a sort of story book quality. Lucille means light and is French in origin. Hudson is an English name meaning son of the hooded man. Can't you almost hear the superhero in each?
  2. Elise and Elijah

    A French name, Elise means consecrated to God. Elijah is a Hebrew name with a similar meaning, God is Lord. This is one way to connect the names both with the same first letter but different sounds, but also names with similar meanings.
  1. Erica and Jonathan

    Sometimes the meaning of the name is the most important thing. Erica is a name that means forever strong with a Norse background. While Jonathan is Hebrew for God has given. These strong names would be great names for babies who are born after a much wanted pregnancy or who were born early and have fought hard to survive. 
  1. Leonard and Annabelle

    Leo is the Latin root for lion, so the name Leonard has come to mean lion hearted. Annabelle is an American name that is a combination of the French word Belle (beauty) and the Hebrew word Hannah, of which Anna is a derivative. These names emphasize the masculine and feminine.
  2. Dorothy and Jack

    Dorothea is a Greek word meaning gift of God. Jack is a diminutive name for John, which is English for God is gracious. (You could also use Dorothy with it's meaning matched name for boys, Nathan (Hebrew).) This is a nice combination of a popular name and a less popular but familiar name for the twins. This could be done where either baby has the popular name.
  3. Dylan and Delaney

    Meaning son of the wave in Welsh, Dillon can also be spelled Dillon. Delaney is French meaning from the Elder tree grove. This might be a Harry Potter Shout out to the elder wand, or it could simply be parents who really love nature and are looking for nature based names. 
  4. Cameron and Matthew

    This is one of those times where maybe, you ignore the meaning of a name and use it because you love the name. Cameron is Scottish for crooked nose. Matthew is Greek for gift of God. Some may say that these are two strong names that go together.
  1. Samantha and Jake

    Being a mostly American name that is wildly popular, Samantha means listener. While Jake means grasps the heel. That said, if you're a fan of 80s movies, you might catch that these names are a tribute to Sixteen Candles characters. (Side note: Molly Ringwald played Samantha and later went on to have boy/girl twins of her own, Adele and Roman.)
  2. Oliver and Molly

    Looking for comfortable names? Try these on for size! Oliver is French for olive tree, while Molly is diminutive name of Mary and it means bitter. These are great examples of names that are just solid names with no obvious connections.
  1. Lily and Lyle

    Are you a fan of alliteration? Here's a typical sounding style for twins of all sexes. Lily is English for flower or pure and Lyle is English for island. As stand alone names they work, but together they have a snazzy little punch.
  2. Charlotte and Mark

    This is another set of strong names for boy/girl twins. Charlotte is French for free man and Mark is Greek for consecrated to the God Mars.

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