Bracelet Crafts Ideas for Teens

Fun Jewelry Crafts for Teenagers

Here is a list of bracelet projects that teens can make and give as gifts or enjoy the jewelry themselves. Simple step-by-step instructions for fun, trendy and creative bracelet projects your teen can enjoy making alone to bust their boredom or with friends.

Ribbon Bangle Bracelet

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Denise D. Witmer

Using hot glue or permanent glue dots will keep the time limit for this trendy bracelet craft under one hour. More »

Crochet Leather Bracelet

teen bracelet projects crafts

Super easy and cool leather bracelet for teens, and they get to learn basic crochet to make it! More »

Snake Knot Bracelet

teen bracelet projects crafts
Denise D. Witmer

This knot tying bracelet is fun to make and is a real boredom buster for teens. I had a group of teens making these while on a trip when we had to wait for buses. They were easy to carry and quick and easy to do. More »

Beaded Personalized Stretch Bracelet

teen bracelet projects crafts

Teens like to have their names on things. Considering part of what adolescence is all about is finding their identity, you can understand why. More »

Friendship Bracelets

teen bracelet projects crafts

Includes the basic instructions for friendship bracelets and patterns for the beginner and intermediate friendship bracelet maker. More »

Wish Bracelet

teen bracelet projects crafts

This simple bracelet tied on a friend's wrist while the friend makes a wish. More »

Denim Blue Jean Bracelet

teen bracelet projects crafts

Braided blue jean bracelet with scraps of blue jeans we had left over from another craft and some beads. It's easy and totally cute. More »

Sparkle Bangle Bracelet

teen bracelet projects crafts

Fun, simple and sparkly! Teens really enjoy this dressy look. More »

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