The Braces Cookbook - Recipes You (and Your Orthodontist ) Will Love

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About the Authors

The Braces Cookbook - Recipes You (and Your Orthodontist) Will Love was created by a then 12-year-old Brenda Waterman and written by her mother, Pamela Waterman, author of The Absolute Best Play Days: From Airplanes to Zoos (and Everything In Between) and The Braces Cookbook 2 Comfort Food With a Gourmet Touch. Buy it on

A Cookbook for Braces?


A cookbook devoted to braces wearers may seem a bit peculiar, unless you have experienced eating with braces yourself.

The day you have the brackets, bands and archwires placed into your mouth for the first time, your whole outlook on eating and your food choices change immediately. This unexpected lifestyle adjustment often becomes difficult for children, especially for those picky eaters.

Pamela Waterman and her daughter Brenda Waterman put together 50 recipes and tips that allow braces wearers to continue to enjoy the foods they love, without the need to mash and puree everything together in order to avoid breaking the brackets and bands or adding insult to injury for already tender teeth, in an attempt to chew something hard or sticky.

Not Just Recipes

When I received a copy of this cookbook, I was immediately impressed with the actual cookbook itself. It is small, unlike most of the cookbooks in my possession. The pages are glossy, including the front and back cover, with a coil spine. This feature is perfect for someone like me.

I will be honest with you, when I am preparing a meal, snack, or baking; I make a pretty big mess. Don't believe me? The proof is in my cookbooks. With a coil spine and glossy pages, I was able to lay the book flat, without fighting the pages to stay open, and easily wiped the book clean from the tomato sauce I used for the recipe that I prepared.

The cookbook begins with a brief introduction that is definitely worth the read. Expecting the recipes to follow, I was thrilled to find a page on "Soothing Tips for Difficult Days" followed by "Easy Eating" -- a listing of selected recipes that are easily prepared. Recipes marked with an asterisk are considered ideal for days when the teeth are sore, especially after an archwire adjustment. Not ending there, a page called "Dining-Out is Do-Able" lists fantastic tips for selecting braces-friendly foods from a restaurant. Scattered throughout the cookbook are interesting dental facts your kids will love, called "Tooth Trivia." I bet you didn't know that Cindy Crawford, Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani all wore braces!

The Recipes


"The Braces Cookbook" tackles everything from breakfast to desserts, all with tender teeth and braces in mind. One thing I did notice is most of the recipes are comfort foods; not always the healthiest food choices for growing bodies. Recipes such as "Mmm Mmm Milkshakes, "Butterscotch Brownies", "Three Cheese Macaroni Extravaganza," and "Perfect Pancakes" all screaming the names of your children. Parents fear not, there is a section on "Very Tender Vegetables" and healthy alternatives such "Yummy Yogurt Smoothie" and "Simmered Soy Chicken Wraps".

I am not the greatest cook, so reading a cookbook is comparable to reading a fantasy novel. I generally don't attempt to cook or bake anything challenging, especially if I do not have the ingredients on hand. All the recipes in the cookbook seem achievable, even for an inexperienced chef.

Put to the Test


I decided to give the "Soft-Crust Pizza" a try. My daughter is a pizza connoisseur and the ultimate pizza critic.
I actually had all of the ingredients on hand; bonus for me. It took us about 10 minutes to prepare the dough. When complete, you pre-bake it for 4 minutes, an ideal time to get your toppings ready.

We love to pack our pizza full of an assortment of vegetables, sauce, and light cheese. After we carefully assembled our pizza, we both watched it bake for 13 minutes -- absolute torture!

My daughter is missing a number of her primary incisors. She has a difficult time biting into anything that is tough or hard. Even though neither one of us wears braces, she easily devoured her piece without the usual complaint. She was thrilled to help make her own pizza and exclaimed "This is the best pizza ever, Mom!"

As an experienced orthodontic dental assistant, I can confidently say that this pizza will be perfect for braces wearers of any age, to enjoy from time to time. My final verdict: "The Braces Cookbook Recipes You (and Your Orthodontist) Will Love" is a must-have for orthodontic patients and their parents. By adapting many of your family favorites into braces-friendly recipes, boring white bread and mashed potatoes at every meal is a thing of the past. The recipes in this book will quickly become family favorites.


Pamela Waterman - "The Braces Cookbook Recipes You (and Your Orthodontist) Will Love".



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