Brain Fog and Hypothyroidism: One Woman's Story

A reader, Amy shares her story about brain fog and hypothyroidism....

Since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I have experienced a few very disturbing episodes of "brain fog". I was noticing that my short term memory was getting significantly worse over about a two month period. The other symptoms are bad enough, but I absolutely cannot abide my brain going on the blink. I mentioned it to my doctor and he ran my blood.
Thyroid numbers were in "normal" range. The memory problems continued and got worse; including a real difficulty concentrating.

One day at lunch I realized that I just could not focus on what the person with me was saying. I could not even figure out how to respond to her when she spoke to me. I heard what she was saying but could not concentrate on how to respond. I FREAKED! In a total panic I got back to work and immediately called my doctor. I was sure that something dramatic was wrong...tumor....alien implantation...what the heck was going on? After a doctor ordered CAT scan (nothing wrong there) and a lot of web surfing I came across some references to anemia in hypothyroid patients and some symptoms of anemia similar to what I was experiencing.So....

I asked Dr. if he had run a red blood cell count on me. Of course the answer was "NO" I asked politely...If he would please run a CBC.
Sure numbers were "slightly" low. After a week of prescription iron, taken at the opposite end of the day from my thyroid meds, it was like a light switch was flipped. My brain snapped back on and my short term memory and concentration problems were gone.

Now if I feel a real slip in my memory/concentration I get a CBC and pop the iron.
For me, a "little low" equals big problems. I could not have survived and finally thrived without sites and info such as yours. Educate yourself folks and know your body. It makes a world of difference.

Thanks for lending an ear.



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