Toddler Breakfasts

Toddlers love pancakes for breakfast or even for a snack. Frozen pancakes or pancakes from a mix work well when you're in a hurry, but homemade pancakes don't take that much longer and you can give your child healthier choices and more variety. Give these pancake recipes a try.

Tips for Making Perfect Pancakes

Stack of pancakes with maple syrup
Tips for perfect pancakes. laurileesmaa / Getty Images
First, if you've never made pancakes from scratch take a look at these tips. It's not that hard when you get the hang of it, but it's good to know what to watch out for. For example, did you know that overmixing the batter can lead to tough rather than fluffy pancakes? And did you know that you only need to flip once? Tips like these can make all the difference.

My Favorite Simple Pancake Recipe

Once you've figured out all the tips and tricks, get started with a simple recipe.  I love this recipe because it only has a few ingredients and it's really hard to mess up.  They turn out fluffy every time.  It takes about 15 minutes from start to finish and makes a quantity (8 small pancakes) that's just perfect for my family's size.

Peanut Butter Pancakes

While these peanut butter pancakes make a tasty toddler breakfast, I find they make an even better toddler snack. It's almost like a super-soft, peanut buttery cookie. I've swapped out up to 1/3 of the flour in this recipe for whole wheat flour to make an even more nutritious treat.

Vegan Pancakes

This recipe is good for those who have a toddler with an egg or dairy allergy or for those who are delaying the introduction of those foods. 

More pancake recipes without eggs or dairy:

  • Vegan Blueberry Pancakes
  • Vegan Strawberry Pancakes
  • Vegan Apple-Pecan Pancakes (just skip the nuts or chop them very fine to prevent choking)

Pancakes Made with Other Grains

Most of us are familiar with light, fluffy pancakes made with all purpose flour or at least some sort of wheat flour. For more variety and to add more nutrition, give other grains like buckwheat, corn meal (which can be a whole grain depending on the type you buy) or even almond flour a try.

Pancakes for Lunch or Dinner

If you find that your toddler is just in love with pancakes, try making some of these savory varieties for lunch or dinner.

  • Dosas
  • Scallion Pancakes
  • Raggmunk
  • Sweet Potato Pancakes
  • Latkes
  • Sweet Corn Pancakes
  • Summer Squash Pancakes

A Pancake that Bakes Instead of Fries

And if all else fails or you just don't feel like standing over the stove flipping pancakes, try this recipe that bakes a pancake big enough to feed a whole family (and maybe then some).

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