Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Strength Comes From Within

There is absolutely no way to downplay the severity of breast cancer on the physical body. But it's important to pay attention to the mental and emotional aspects at work, too. The role of community and support can help women better cope with their condition.

Breast Cancer Doesn't Discriminate

While there are factors that put some women at more risk for developing breast cancer, the disease does not only affect a certain group of women. Women—despite age, race, and family history—should educate themselves on preventive measures and/or the best treatment options if diagnosed.

Not All Breast Cancer Is Alike

Really understanding the type of breast cancer you have is a major step in how you and your care team approach your health on all levels. Empower yourself by becoming familiar with the many intricacies of your diagnosis—it will help inform your choices.

Own Your Health

When it comes to prevention, disease management, and recovery, it's necessary to take the appropriate actions that promote your healthiest you. Wherever you are on the patient journey, you call the shots about your health.