Breast Cancer Support Gifts You Can Make

10 Crafty Ways to Make a Gift for Your Favorite Survivor

Sometimes the best gift is one that you make for someone. When funds are tight, but you have the time and creativity, you can encourage a breast cancer survivor with a handmade gift. So for you crafty people out there, here are 10 inexpensive breast cancer support gifts you can make.

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Sew Cushy Comfort Pillows

Cancer Comfort Pillow
Cancer Comfort Pillow. Photo © Pam Stephan

Pillows come in many shape and sizes, and no breast cancer patient can have too many! You can make a pillow, decorate a slipcase, or personalize a pillow with artwork that will lift the spirits of the lucky person who has your support. 

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Knit For Symmetry

Knitted Boob
Knitted Boob. Photo © Marte

Women are meant to be symmetrical – but after a mastectomy, that can be a challenge. Since a real breast prosthesis can get expensive and heavy, why not break out your luxury yarn and knit a boob? Make it soft, silky, and custom-sized. It's not everybody that can put their extra breast in the washing machine! 

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String Some Pearls

Think Pink Lampwork Slider Necklace
Think Pink Lampwork Slider Necklace. Photo © Tammy Powley
A handmade piece of jewelry is truly unique. You can customize colors, make it simple or complex, and adjust the size for a perfect fit! Here's a lampwork slider necklace with a lovely pink ribbon motif.

Mix Up a Healthy Batch

Pink Ribbon Bottle - Hand Sanitizer
Pink Ribbon Bottle with Homemade Hand Sanitizer. Photo © Pam Stephan

Everybody's using hand sanitizer these days – there are germs all around and many breast cancer patients have low immune systems during treatment. Why not make up a batch of scented, tinted hand sanitizer and package it in a pretty pink bottle? Use her favorite essential oil to make it especially enjoyable.

Decorate The Garden

Pink Ribbon Stepping Stone
Pink Ribbon Stepping Stone. Photo © Pam Stephan
Is your favorite person a gardener? Put a pink ribbon on a stepping stone. Use scraps of colored glass to put some sparkle in the garden and a smile on her face. Save extra money by following this garden stepping stones tutorial – you'll save much more than you'd spend on a kit!

Paint a Pumpkin Pink

Pink M&M Pumpkin
Pink M&M Pumpkin. Photo © Kellie Walenciak

Since Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness Month are both in October, it should be easy to find a fresh pumpkin to decorate. Any why shouldn't a pumpkin be pink, and have long eyelashes, luscious pink lips, and wear pink ribbons? Use your imagination and household items to decorate a pink ribbon pumpkin.

Patch It Up For The Cure

Pink Ribbon Quilt Square
Pink Ribbon Quilt Square. Photo © Debbie Rolek at
A quilt can be a present that endures and provides comfort and support for a long time. You can put one together by yourself, or recruit some quilting friends make it with you! Make it special, endearing, colorful, and humorous – the love and care you put into a quilt to support a breast cancer survivor will be greatly appreciated.

Stitch Up a Tote Bag

Tote Bags Sewing Project
Tote Bags Sewing Project. Photo © Debbie Colgrove
Almost every breast cancer patient could use a tote bag to carry along for treatments and appointments. An attractive but rugged bag could hold a sweater, books too read, a personal journal, snacks, and a water bottle. Use a couple of yards of fabric or scraps to piece together a simple but personal tote bag that reminds them that you care.

Cross Stitch a Pink Ribbon Ornament

Breast Cancer Ribbon Cross Stitch Project
Breast Cancer Ribbon Cross Stitch Project. Photo © Marty
Whip up a special ornament in honor of the survivor in your life. A cross stitch pink ribbon project like this can be on display all year, or at holidays. Add your special touches to delight the breast cancer survivor for whom you are creating this. This handmade gift will always remind them of your support and love.

Bead A Pink Angel

Pink Princess Angel Bead Charm
Pink Princess Angel Bead Charm. Photo © Paula S. Morgan
This darling little beaded princess charm could easily substitute for an angel – after all, she does have wings! Make two and use them for earrings, make one more and slide it onto a bracelet or necklace. Either way, your gift will cheer and encourage the lucky person who gets this handmade gift of support.

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