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Nursing 6-Month-Old Twins

Nursing Six Month Old Twins in the Football Hold
The mom says of the grips on the breast: "It doesn't hurt. I think of it as kittens making biscuits". D Vargas

Breastfeeding is beautiful and natural. But many of us have never seen a nursing mother and baby. This is where breastfeeding photos come in handy. This can make it difficult to learn the art and techniques associated with good nursing techniques like the proper latch and breastfeeding positions. By using good positioning with breastfeeding you can help avoid nipple pain and other breastfeeding problems.

As more and more mothers choose to initiate breastfeeding, it becomes very important for them to learn how to breastfeed. A good childbirth class can help you get the basics of breastfeeding. This is usually done in the late second or early third trimester of your pregnancy. Many hospitals also offer a specialty class on breastfeeding.

Some of the specialty classes on breastfeeding can include topics like breastfeeding a premature baby, choosing a breast pump, breastfeeding returning to work, and how to properly store breast milk. These are all very important things for various families. Having a great breastfeeding class may be a little bit more difficult to find. You may not be able to tell the difference between a good breastfeeding class and a less than ideal breastfeeding class.

You should also seek support for your breastfeeding experience. You should have both ways support from your friends and family as well as professional support from a lactation consultant. I highly recommend that you find local support groups of other mothers were also breastfeeding. This can be extremely helpful in answering the day-to-day questions that arise when breastfeeding.

One thing you will notice in these photos is babies that are a variety of ages and stages. Breastfeeding is something that is not time limited to just very small babies. The America Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that moms exclusively nurse until their child is at least six month of age. At that point, one can begin to add in solid foods like fruits and vegetables. They recommend that a mother continues to breastfeed until at least one year of age. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a minimum of two years for babies to breastfeed. Remember, the way a newborn nurses is not the way a toddler nurses. This is because of the many benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby.

How you breastfeed a two-year-old looks vastly different than nursing ​a newborn. This means different holds and positions to aid in the comfort of mom and baby.

Using breastfeeding photos is one way to see a baby nursing. You can look at various ways to breastfeed, like seeing a variety of positions used to keep mom and baby comfortable. You can also see how to hold your hands, or not. You can look at the clothes women are wearing while they nurse. All in all, it's a great way to get an education about breastfeeding.

The mothers in these photos have graciously allowed us to take a peek into their world. Please be kind and respectful when using this gallery.

Enjoy these photos!

Breastfeeding a One-Year-Old

Nursing 1 Year Old in Pumpkin Patch
This mom is using a cradle hold to nurse her one year old. CV

Nursing 2-Year-Old in Pumpkin Patch

Nursing 2 Year Old in Pumpkin Patch
This mom is nursing her two year old in a pumpkin patch using a cradle hold. CV

Cradle Hold - Breastfeeding

Cradle Hold - Breastfeeding
Robin Elise Weiss

Cross Cradle Hold - Nursing

Cross Cradle Hold - Nursing
Robin Elise Weiss

Breastfeeding Positions - Football

Robin Elise Weiss

Saddle Hold - Breastfeeding

Robin Elise Weiss

Football Hold - Breastfeeding

Robin Elise Weiss

Twin Football Hold - Breastfeeding

Robin Elise Weiss

Breastfeeding - Twins Saddle Hold

Robin Elise Weiss

Breastfeeding Twins - Cradle Hold

Robin Elise Weiss

Side Lying Breastfeeding

Robin Elise Weiss

Nursing Baby Photo - Breast

Nursing Baby Photo - Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Baby - Nursing

Breastfeeding Baby - Nursing Picture
This baby is nursing, but could probably stand to turn in toward mom's body for a better latch. iStockPhoto

Baby Asleep at the Breast

Baby Asleep at the Breast Nursing - Breastfeeding Gallery

Breastfeeding Baby - Up Close

Breastfeeding Baby - Up Close

Discrete Breastfeeding - Baby

Discrete Breastfeeding - Baby Nursing Photo

Latch - Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Baby - Up Close Picture of a Latch

Close Up of Latch - Nursing

Close Up of Latch - Nursing Baby - Breastfeeding

Nursing - Breastfeeding Side View

Nursing - A Side View of Breastfeeding

Tiny Baby Breastfeeding

Tiny Baby Breastfeeding - Big Breast

Cradle Hold - Nursing

This is a baby nursing in the cradle hold. iStockPhoto

Latch Close Up - Breastfeeding

This is a close up of a baby's latch while breastfeeding. iStockPhoto

Side Lying - Nursing

This mom is breastfeeding her newborn baby in the side lying position. iStockPhoto

Cradle Hold - Nursing

This mom is breastfeeding her baby in the cradle hold position. iStockPhoto

Breaking Latch

This mom is breaking the latch for her baby. It is recommended that you break the suction with your finger first to avoid pain and damage to your nipple. iStockPhoto

Cradle Hold - Nursing

This mom is nursing in the cradle hold. iStockPhoto

Cradle Position

Cradle position. iStockPhoto

Cradle Hold


Breastfeeding Cross Cradle Hold

Robin Elise Weiss

Breastfeeding Cradle Hold

Robin Elise Weiss

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