Breastfeeding Plan for Our Baby

A Sample Plan

Getting Breastfeeding Help
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Below you will find a sample of a breastfeeding plan, which is like a birth plan though just focusing on breastfeeding. This can be a portion of the overall birth plan or done separately depending on your needs. Just remember to keep it short, sweet and to the point.

In light of previous breastfeeding difficulties, we have come up with the following breastfeeding plan to help facilitate the best possible practices for encouraging breastfeeding with Baby X.

  • We would prefer no suctioning whatsoever, unless absolutely medically necessary. If suctioning is done, it is to be done gently.
  • Baby is to go immediately skin-to-skin with Mom and stay there until latched on.
  • Our goal is to use baby led latch encouraged by skin-to-skin and non-separation of mother/baby. Please support Mom by gently reminding her of this and bringing her what she needs so she doesn’t feel obligated to get up.
  • Remind us to begin pumping within two hours of birth if baby has not truly nursed.
  • Help facilitate the rental of a hospital grade breast pump ASAP.
  • Remind us about infant feeding practices that do not include baby bottles or pacifiers. We would like to use a cup, finger feeding, supplemental nursing system (SNS) or a Hazelbaker.

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