Broadway Bodies: Learn to Dance Like a Broadway Superstar

Dance Yourself Fit, Just Like a Broadway Superstar

Broadway Bodies Step 4
Broadway Bodies

Almost three years ago I had the chance to go to a fitness event in Los Angeles. Over the course of six hours, I tried 10 different 15-minute workouts. (It was a tiring day.)

One of the workouts I tested was a snippet of Broadway Bodies - a dance fitness routine that's exactly what it sounds like: An incredibly fun, diva-liscious dance class set to Broadway show tunes. And even though it's been well established that I'm pretty much the worst person ever at picking up choreography, it became pretty clear that as long as I could wave jazz hands around and do some sort of stepping motion to the beat of the music, I was a complete success. In other words, "fun" is the operative word at every Broadway Bodies class - mastering the steps is just icing on the cake. 

Sadly, I live in Texas, which isn't close to their physical locations (in Los Angeles and NYC), but a quick look at their website makes it clear that the program is growing and picking up steam. And why wouldn't it? With classes just begging for a sign-up like "Bieber Fever," "Beyonce Bodies," and "Club RiRi," I have full confidence that one of these days I'll be able to take a class in my native Austin, TX. 

For now, though, I'll be satisfied to dance my way through this Broadway Bodies choreographed 8-count routine to "You Can't Stop the Beat" from HAIRSPRAY. It's exactly the type of sequence you can expect from the Broadway Bodies' classic "Broadway Cardio" class - and surely even I can master an 8-count of dance steps - right? Right?!


Broadway Bodies Step 1
Broadway Bodies

Step to the right with your right foot as you bring your left arm up into a fist. Bring your left foot to meet your right foot as you step together. Perform the step-right-step-together movement again. 


Broadway Bodies Step 2
Broadway Bodies

Repeat to the opposite side, this time stepping first to the left with your left foot, bringing your right foot to meet it, then stepping with your left foot a second time. 

Hip Swing-Hop-Clap

Broadway Bodies Hip Swing
Broadway Bodies

Get your hips and core moving with a fun hip swing, hop and clap. Start by stepping on the right foot, your hips back as you step, your elbows bent, both arms swung slightly back. With your right heel planted, swing your hips forward, driving your arms forward as you do. When you've swung your hips and arms forward as far as you can, hop up, bringing your left foot forward to meet your right. When you land, clap your hands. 

Hip Swing-Hop-Clap

Broadway Bodies Step 5
Broadway Bodies

Perform the same hip swing-hop-clap movement to the opposite side. 

Monkey Around

Broadway Bodies Monkey Arms
Broadway Bodies

Get those arms swinging with a monkey! Just like at a wedding, start with your right arm extended up in the air, your hand in a fist, your left arm extended across your body, also in a fist. With your weight first shifted to your right side, begin swinging your arms up and down, switching positions as you shift your weight to center and left as you bring your arms in front of you, then across to the opposite side. 

Monkey Repeat

Broadway Bodies Step 8
Broadway Bodies

Finish the monkey by bending your back leg and lifting it from the ground, then repeat the monkey, this time starting to the left side and bringing it back around to the right. 

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