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Do a Downward Dog to Up Your Workout Wardrobe

Bryant Park Yoga
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I'm a sucker for "free." (who isn't, amiright?) Free food, free experiences and free clothes pretty much top my list of the best things ever, so I was more than a little jealous when I learned that Bryant Park in New York City, was once again hosting its free biweekly summer yoga sessions where frequent visitors can earn rewards in the form of gift cards to shop at Athleta.

I love workout clothes. I love free.

And I legitimately like yoga.

Too bad I don't live in New York.

My sour grapes at not being able to attend won't stop me from spreading the good news, though. If you're lucky enough to live in the Big Apple, make sure you do what it takes to schedule your yoga sessions around the Bryant Park Yoga Series. Here's what you need to know:

  • Classes are held on Tuesday mornings from 10:00-11:00 am, and Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:00 pm
  • Morning classes are located on the Upper Terrace
  • Evening classes are located on the Lawn
  • Classes are held throughout the summer, from May 19th through September 24th
  • YogaJournal provides the instructors
  • Athleta provides yoga mats, although you're welcome to bring your own

Drop By or RSVP

Anyone is welcome to walk by and join in, but for ease and convenience, you're welcome to RSVP to individual classes by heading to the Flavorpill website, where you can quickly submit your info.

When you submit your info, you're automatically agreeing to the series' release and waiver, so make sure you read it before RSVPing.

Once you've RSVPed online, you'll receive a confirmation email from Flavorpill that you'll want to keep handy. By showing the email confirmation to the staff at the park, you'll fast track the process for getting set up in class.

Just keep in mind, this email might land in spam or your promotions email folder, so keep an eye out for it!

If you choose to drop in rather than RSVP, you will have to fill out a waiver before joining the class. Show up a little early to give yourself time to get enrolled.

Learn About the Yoga Instructors

There are a wide range of yoga instructors involved in the Bryant Park Yoga Series. If you tend to be a picky yogi, and want to make sure your preferred methodology aligns with the instructors leading the classes you attend, make sure to read up on the instructor bios. You can find them (and often find links to each instructor's personal studio) by opening up individual dates on either the Bryant Park or Flavorpill websites.

Earn Rewards

When you attend your first Bryant Park class, you'll be given a Frequent Yogi card and a stamp for your attendance. Don't lose your card - it's how you earn rewards! Bring your card with you to every class, and make sure you remember to get it stamped. For every 12 classes you attend, you'll receive a $25 Athleta gift card. So literally, you're getting paid to workout! Granted, it may be tough to earn more than a single gift card given the varied hours and the prime vacation months, but even $25 off a sweet workout tank or a new pair of kicks is an awesome reminder that yoga does a body good.

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